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Real Shocks Website Intro
Throughout the lifespan of our 30 plus years in service, MIP has had the impeccable reputation as being
a leader among the rest, a beacon of dependability, and a titan of durability. And as our company ages
we strive to keep our reputation, our customers’ expectations, and our products, a level beyond the
imaginable. We here at MIP in fact, make the imaginable a reality, as we introduce to you our all new
line of products called, Bypass1TM.
“What is Bypass1,” you might ask? Bypass1TM is MIP’s translation of how an RC shock should perform,
how an RC shock should have always performed, and how RC shocks will be designed in the future. Our
all new bypass technology isn’t a new idea to say the least, because the technology has been designed
and tested for many years within the Trophy Truck racing community. With their base bypass idea as
our starting point, we have reverse engineered, groomed, and tested bypass technology the MIP way,
the Bypass1TM way!
But why do you need MIP’s Bypass1TM? What is the difference between a stock piston and a bypassed
one? To answer both questions is very simple in fact. The basic drawback of a stock piston is that when
the shock compresses, all of the oil must be forced through the provided holes at once. Of course, this
design works to an extent, but as the shock moves faster, and more force is applied, the oil simply can’t
travel through the holes fast enough! Because of this, the shock will actually pack out (stop working)
thus hindering the cars handling! That noticeable problem was MIP’s drive to come up with Bypass1TM.
MIP’s Bypass1TM piston regulates the amount of oil transferring from the bottom of the shock to the top
depending on the amount of velocity and force the shock is subject too. Bypass1TM pistons overall allow a
cars shocks to perform unhindered, and gives you, the driver an endless range of adjustability. Old stock
pistons, are just that, OLD AND STOCK, it’s time to get with the NEW and NOW! Bypass1TM is the future;
don’t be stuck in the past.
Patent Pending U.S. & Abroad
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