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Korey Bucher
Early Childhood Lesson
Math Meeting
February 1, 2010
Lesson Plan
Lesson: Solids in the Playground
Length: 20 to 30 minuets
Age or Grade Level Intended: 1st grade
Academic Standard(s):
Describe and compare objects in terms of number, shape, texture, size,
weight, color, and motion.
Performance Objective(s):
After finding two different solids on the playground, students will compare
and contrast them by using shape, texture, weight, size, and color with 100%
The teacher will listen to the students discussion over the different solids. Also the
teacher will have the students take out their wipe off boards so they can record data. The
teacher will be going around looking at the boards for popper information.
Advance Preparation by Teacher:
The teacher will need to talk about instruction and how they will have only a few minutes
to find a solid. Then they will find their partner.
We have been talking about solids for a week now. What is a solid? (Blooms
knowledge) What are the different categories we sorted solids. The students should
know the different ways we sorted solids. Today for science we are going to go outside
and discover solids on the play ground area. You may find a wood chip, a rock, a stick, a
pole, something that is a solid that can be moved. We are not going to use the merry-goround or the slide. The solid has to be able to be moved.
Step by Step Plan:
1. Go outside and find a solid. (Gardner bodily, blooms knowledge of
what a solid is)
Korey Bucher
Early Childhood Lesson
Math Meeting
February 1, 2010
2. Next the students will get in their groups. They will be touching and
manipulating their solid with their partner. They will begin talking about
the two solids colors. (Blooms Knowledge, Gardner visual)
3. The students will practice this same thing with the different categories
we have talked about. The students will be practicing and telling why they
are different. (Gardner visual)
After the students have completed their manipulating, the students will be rounded up and
moved inside. We will then review some of the things we did outside. Talk to me about
your solids. What did they look like, what did they feel like. What are solids again?
Those students who have a hard time paying attention outside, I will have to use
proximity control. This will be my first lesson outside, so it will be interesting as to how
long we are outside. If the students do have a hard time outside, we will return inside for
the rest of the lesson.
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