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My Clinic - Colorful game where you take over the management of a modest clinic to turn it into a cuttingedge medical center!
During the game you have to cure many of the most incredible and comical illnesses. Treatment will not be
for you a routine exercise.
With the growth of professionalism of your prestigious hospital will visited by patients with more complex
illnesses. For their treatment you will need to hire medical professionals, buy the latest equipment to new
offices and carry out more research!
Game tasks:
- Follow the reception of patients and research
- to recruit doctors and build new buildings
- Buy new equipment and improve available
- Apply the medication and get a colorful collection of elements
- Perform goals and get a prize
Game features:
- A fascinating story: the development of your clinic is in your hands!
- Easy and friendly interface.
- Colorful graphics: more than three dozen buildings, a variety of premises: cabinet chief doctor, hospital,
procedural, and much more.
- Adorn the city, making it unique, with collectors' items!
- Buy extra slots for work and accelerate the development of his clinic!
- Connect to the Internet is recommended but not required.
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