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To apply for the VII Masterclass, please fill out this form together with your porfolio, your biography and
the project for the Masterclass and send an email to [email protected] by 17 June.
A team of master photographers from the VII agency will compose the jury that will select the participants.
The results will be announced by 1 July, 2014.
First Name, Last Name
Email Address, Telephone Number
Date and place of birth
Street Address, City
City, Country
Your website or blog
Are you a professional or an amateur? From when?
Have you already taken part in other workshops? Who were they with?
Do you have a smartphone? If yes, which one?
Invoice address
VAT Number
If accepted, I want to pay the fee: (cross where applicable)
o a single payment before the start of the masterclass (by 9 July, 2014)
o two payment of €900 (one by 4 July, 2014 and the other by 1 September, 2014).
We will send you an invoice for payment when your application is accepted. All prices mentioned are VAT
Please see our cancellation policy in the terms and conditions below. We will maintain a waiting list, in the
order of applications received, to fill any vacancies that arise.
VII Masterclass Terms and Conditions
Cancellation policy
If you decide to cancel your registration you MAY NOT transfer or sell your place to another photographer
yourself. VII Master Class will transfer your place to the first person on the waiting list.
We provide a full refund (-€ 150 processing fee) until August 1, 2014.
After August 1, 2014, we offer a full refund (-€ 250 processing fee) ONLY IF we can fill your place with
someone qualified from the waiting list. If your place cannot be filled by anyone, no refund shall be offered.
Travel and accommodation
It is your responsibility to arrange your travel and accommodation for the VII Masterclass. Please be aware
you are advised to book your travel and accommodation well in advance. We highly recommend purchising
traveler's insurance to cover the possibility of cancellation through illness or medical emergency.
Change of Masters
Masters have agreed to attend the VII Masterclass. However, in the event that masters are unable to
attend, VII Master class reserves the right to reprogram without conferring with photographers. We will not
refund monies if a scheduled master is unable to attend, but we will offer a lecture with another master.
The legal copyright in reference to Masterclass materials remain the legal property of the authors.
Masterclass materials must not be copied, published or distributed without the consent of the legal
VII Masterclass is not liable for any physical damage or personal injury occuring in relation to or during the
course of the Masterclass.
I hereby authorise VII Masterclass
* to give my name and email address to other participants: YES NO
* to publish a selection of my images produced during the Masterclass on the online gallery: YES NO
I take full responsibility for the photos I take during the Masterclass and for my behaviour with the people I
Date, place:___________________________
I have read and understood the VII Master class Terms and Conditions and I fully accept all of them.
Date, place:___________________________
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