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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Intramural Sports
Basketball League Rules
 Eligibility
o All participants are subject to Intramural Sports Eligibility Rules, which are available in the
Intramural Sports Participant Handbook.
 Rules
o Intramural Basketball will be governed by the National Federation (High School) Rules. The
following are NIRSA and UW Oshkosh modifications.
o College rules will be followed for the enforcement of technical fouls.
 Number of Players
o Teams are comprised of 5 players. A game may start or continue with 4 players, but a game
will be called a forfeit if at any point in time during the game there aren’t at least 4 players.
o CoRec: Teams consist of any combination of 3 men and 2 women or 3 women and 2 men.
Teams may start or continue play with 4 players. When playing with 4 players, there must
be 2 men and 2 women. If these stipulations aren’t met, the team will be forced to forfeit
the contest.
 Timing Regulations
o Game time is forfeit time.
o All games will be limited to 2-20 minute halves. There will be a running clock until the last
2 minutes of the second half. The clock will stop on all team and official timeouts.
o Games tied at the end of regulation will be decided by a 3-minute overtime, where the first
2 minutes are running clock and the last minute is played with the clock stopping according
to NFHS rules. Overtimes will be repeated with this format until the contest has been
decided. There will be a 1 minute break between regulation and each over time.
 Mercy Rule
o If, at any point in the second half, one team is winning by 30 points, the game will be called.
The participating teams will be allowed to continue using the game court, but Intramural
Officials will not officiate the remainder of the game, and the Intramural Supervisors will
cease keeping clock and score.
 Timeouts
o Each team will receive 2 timeouts per game. Each team will receive an additional timeout
per overtime period.
 Substitutions
o All substitutions will follow the NFHS rules. Subs must check in with a referee and be
waved in to make the substitution, or a technical foul will be assessed to the team.
 Technical Fouls
o Technical fouls will follow the NFHS rules. If any team/player receives a technical foul, the
highest sportsmanship rating possible will be a 1.0. If a player receives 2 technical fouls,
he/she will be ejected and subject to further discipline. If a team receives 3 technical fouls,
they will be forced to forfeit.
 Equipment and Uniforms
o Basketballs and jerseys will be provided by the Intramural Sports department.
o Athletic shoes must be worn. Jewelry, headwear, and other dress code requirements
stipulated in the Intramural Handbook will be enforced.
 Blood
o Any participant with blood on any part of his/her uniform will be removed from
competition until the blood is cleaned up.
 Dunking
o Dunking during competitions will be allowed. Dunking before or after the game, or during
halftime is not allowed and will result in a technical foul on the offending individual.
 CoRec Rules
o A women’s ball will be used unless both team captains agree to use a men’s ball.
o Field goals made by men will count as normal rules stipulate. Field goals made by women
will count as 1 more point than normal. Thus, a 2 point basket made by a woman will count
as 3 points. A 3 point basket made by a woman will count as 4 points.
o Free throws will count as 1 point. Free throws awarded to men will be the same as normal
rules stipulate. Free throws awarded to women will be 1 more than normal. Thus, when a
woman is fouled shooting a 2 point shot, she will be awarded 3 free throws. When a woman
is fouled shooting a 3 point shot, she will be awarded 4 free throws. NOTE: Non-shooting
fouls and technical fouls will result in the amount of free throws indicated by NFHS rules.
 Have Fun!!
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