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Syllabus and Scheduling
Schea Fissel
Speech Pathology & Audiology
[email protected]
Syllabus Requirements
Office Hours & Contact Information
Course Objectives
Classroom Policies (Attendance/Social Media)
Course Outline
Grading Policies
University Registration Requirements
Accessibility Requirements
Academic Honesty Statement
University policies on ‘excused absences’
Web-Based Resources
Mike Allen
[email protected]
Syllabus and Scheduling Pointers
Personalize your syllabus!
Use easily understood language (4th grade level).
When in doubt, cite information included in your
syllabus, presentations and written
Include an electronic response statement to set
expectations for when the instructor will respond
to e-mails and other communication.
PROOF READ your syllabus! Find a peer to take a
second look through for edits/recommendations.
Match the TONE of your written language to the
tone you want to foster in your classroom.
Include a ‘Professionalism’ clause and consider
integrating this into the students’ grades.
Consider using a copyright and intellectual
property statement to protect your course
content. Check with your department for
recommended policies.
Similar to a business plan, consider including a
‘mission’ and ‘vision’ statement to frame the goals
and objectives set for your course.
Provide a disclaimer on your course schedule that
‘dates and content are subject to change.’ This
provides flexibility in scheduling.
Be clear about assignment expectations (e.g.,
handwritten versus typed) and
policies/expectations for missed assignments and
late work.
Reference existing departmental syllabi to match
the style and expectations of the department in
syllabus development.
Include ‘by appointment’ when describing policies
for office hours to give yourself more flexibility in
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