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Elegant practicality and informal uniqueness for the Spring/Summer collection 2015 by
a.testoni. The Bologna-based brand brings all its knowhow and artisanal tradition to the
Informal world in the name of novelty and change.
Fresh and lively products with a contemporary design and innovative manufacturing
techniques, as important as the impeccable choice of materials and excellent workmanship.
The in depth study of the sneakers has led to the birth of City Running, sporty yet refined, an
unparalleled mélange of contrasting materials and colours, an absolute icon for informal
There is a focus on practicality in the leather goods; backpacks, cross-body bags and shoulder
bags reinvent men’s bags, made in extremely light materials like nappa and calfskin, with
bright shades and colour contrasts in which details such as zips and pockets become essential
and each element is unique and inimitable.
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