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Individual Interview Notes
Establish whether requirements for the mobile context differ with level of academic study and
device familiarity
Explore the user interaction with the mobile context in informal and non-traditional settings
Develop a picture of the participant
- Student type, level, subject, study habits, academic needs, possibly interests
- Their relationship to technology, university/library services, mobile devices, testing device
Explore their patterns of usage and their needs
- Where and when they have tried using the devices, how and why (general, academically, and
Balsamiq LocateME specifically)
- Whether there was a change in where, when, how and why they were using the device over
the course of testing
- Issues arising from the limitations or disadvantages of the device/ mobile context
- Discuss any “trip reports” – i.e. trying the Balsamiq tool in different locations (to draw out
issues, context, information about whether the context had an effect on their use)
- Suggestions they would make as to desired functionality
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