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8. I don't know what I'm going to do for dinner
I haven't decided what...
9. Why don't you go away tomorrow instead of
Why don't you put off...
10. It's not a good idea to run across the road.
It's better to avoid...
11. Could you turn the radio off, please?
Would you mind...
12. Does Tom like Susan?
Tom appears...
13. Are you looking for anything?
You appear...
14. Has the machine broken down?
Verbs of gerund
and infinitive
The machine seems...
15. He studies a lot because he doesn't want to
fail the examination.
He studies a lot to avoid...
16. The driver of the car said that he was
A- Rewrite the following sentences
beginning them with the given words:
The driver of the car admitted...
17. Susan said: "Let's dance."
Susan suggested...
18. Has Mary gone out?
1. Is he waiting for anybody?
He appears...
2. Have you lost some weight?
You seem...
3. Are they worried about anything?
They seem...
4. "Don't forget to telephone your mother!"
Susan reminded...
5. She told him that it would be best if he told
his mother the truth.
She advised him...
Mary appears...
19. John isn't looking for a job any more.
John gave up...
20. Could you take me home?
Would you mind....
21. Susan doesn't dance any more.
Susan stopped...
22. The man said that he hadn't stolen the car.
The man denied...
23. "Let's go to the cinema!"
Tom suggested...
6. He was surprised that it rained.
He didn't expect...
7. Tom gets up early because he doesn't want
to arrive late.
Tom gets up early to avoid...
____ / 23
answer key
1. He appears to be waiting for somebody
2. You seem to have lost some weight.
3. They seem to be worried about
4. Susan reminded to telephone your
5. She advised him to tell his mother the
6. He didn't expect it to rain.
7. Tom gets up early to avoid arriving late.
8. I haven't decided what to do for dinner
9. Why don't you put off going away
tomorrow instead of today?
10. It's better to avoid running across the
11. Would you mind turning the radio off,
12. Tom appears to like Susan.
13. You appear to be looking for something
14. The machine seems to have broken
15. He studies a lot to avoid failing the
16. The driver of the car admitted being
17. Susan suggested dancing.
18. Mary appears to have gone out.
19. John gave up looking for a job.
20. Would you mind taking me home.
21. Susan stopped dancing.
22. The man denied having stolen the car.
23. Tom suggested going to the cinema.
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