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Office of Human Resources
Job Classification Specification
Education Program Manager 2
Position Concept
Responsible for supervision of a small or mid-size homogeneous department or larger
educational program area whose members typically perform like activities. A position at
this level may have a portion of time spent performing individual tasks related to the
department; however managerial activities are a primary job function. May also be a
content matter expert within the program. The Education Program Manager 2 manages
three or more professional staff in ensuring effective and efficient planning,
communication, consultation, monitoring and oversight, problem resolution, and problem
TYPICAL TASKS (These examples do not include all possible tasks in this work and do not
limit the assignment of related tasks in any position of this class.)
Majority of time cannot be teaching
Manage education programs by developing plans, budgets, schedules, and resources.
Ensure coordinated, efficient and consistent operations of the programs.
Identify and implement educational program and curriculum initiatives that enhance
program rigor, student learning outcomes and community responsiveness
Provide appropriate governance and policy strategy for each program, and develop policies
and procedures relevant to the educational program
Manage external funding proposals and ensure execution of program as outlined.
Supervise, develop, and evaluate three or more professional staff and may also lead and
supervise students and volunteers.
Represent education program to various agencies, organizations, committees, and other
constituents and partners
Manage educational program databases and systems.Create and present reports, findings,
and proposals to communicate various programmatic, educational or marketing elements.
Address compliance and licensing issues.
Maintain an awareness of demographic and market trends, licensing rules & regulations,
changes to State and Federal regulations & policies.
Develop and deliver segments of educational and instructional programs, learning
activities, curriculum, and tools.
Recruit faculty for course development and teaching, and negotiate hiring contracts
Oversee educational program scheduling and enrollment reporting analytics
Assist with marketing plan development and implementation including review and
approval of electronic and print materials.
Required Qualifications
Advanced degree in relevant field and at least 3 years of experience, or a BA/BS with at
least 6 years of relevant post degree experience. May provide analytical or technical
support to senior members within the same disciplinary track.
Supervisory, budget and project management experience
Requires advanced academic preparation and/or specialized training or experience in relevant
fields; identification of appropriate curricular content; instructional design; needs analysis; use of
communications technologies; education program delivery techniques; clientele motivation;
program evaluation; competency analysis.
Operational Role
Modifies practices and procedures to improve efficiency and quality; searches for better
ways to effectively achieve end results by, for example, scheduling work steps, arranging/
re-arranging the way work is generally performed, and adding or deleting elements of
processes as necessary.
Scope of Measurable Impact
Actions tend to affect a department or critical project outcomes; performance results tend
to relate to efficiency, degree of waste/cost overruns, quality/continuous improvement,
timeliness, and resource allocation/effectiveness.
Independence and Decision-Making
Typically works under general supervision but has the discretion to make daily operational
decisions; given understanding of best practices and the way similar units run elsewhere, is
able to convincingly recommend capital and process improvements to the area.
Complexity and Problem Solving
Problems cannot be identified and resolved in simple cause-effect terms; rather, problems
require integrative solutions such as how technologies, processes, resources, and people all
fit together in order to sustain productivity -- understands the smallest details of a
circumscribed area.
Has the authority to hire, transfer, promote, discharge, suspend, assign work, reward,
discipline, and direct the work of both full-time and part-time University employees.
Effective 10/20/14
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