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1. Translate the sentences from English into Russian.
1. Wait a minute, let me see.
2. Ann always does her work in a hurry.
3. For many people, the worst time of the day is the rush hour
4. I live and work in the suburbs, but I usually go into town two times a week.
5. One problem is that there is nowhere to park in the centre, so I usually take a bus into town.
6. I usually take a taxi when I am late.
7. A lot of women are very happy to stay at home and be housewives.
8. These students have very few friends in the city.
9. Students can do an English course in many colleges and schools.
10. It takes me two hours to get to the Institute by bus.
11. Mr Marshall remained single for three years after his wife's death.
12. You are going the right way. Don't change the bus.
13. You could see wooden houses and dirty narrow streets in this city in the past.
14. He couldn't play because he had injured his leg.
15. When Margaret Harman came into the living room, her seven-year-old son Terry and two
friends were glued to the television.
2. Read Max's letter to his pen-friend and write a similar letter to your friend. Write about
80 words.
Dear Hans,
I'm a student at a school in Cambridge and I'm sixteen years old.
I don't live in Cambridge but in a town just outside. I go to school by bus.
I like listening to music and playing football. At weekends I go
out with my friends. Sometimes we go to the cinema and sometimes we
just go for a walk with my dog.
I speak English and French, but I don't speak German. My
favourite subjects at school are computer studies and maths, but I don't
like history. What about you? Please, write to me.
Best wishes,
3. Read the text.
My Holidays
After each term in school we have our holidays. It's fun to have holidays, you can do whatever
you like, you don't have to get up too early, do your homework or think of troubles which occur very
often at school.
Most of all I like summer holidays, they are the longest ones, though, when winter is snowy and
frosty, I enjoy my winter holidays skating and skiing, sledging and making a snowman or having a fight
with snowballs.
I'd like to tell you about my summer holidays I ‘m going to spend in Sochi. My parents and me
were sitting in the living-room discussing our plans for the summer holidays. My father suggested that we
should go to Sochi. On hearing that I jumped up with joy and said it was a wonderful idea. My mother
wasn't against the idea either.
So one summer morning we’ll start for our journey to Sochi. First, we’ll travel to Odessa by plane
and from there we’ll get to Sochi by boat. We’ll stay in Odessa for three days, our relatives live there and
they’ll give us board and lodging. So we’ll have an excellent opportunity to go round the city, to see
beautiful monuments to the famous people, museums and the Odessa Opera House.
We enjoyed our trip from Odessa to Sochi. The Black Sea was calm. We sat on deck in the
lounge chairs and looked at the sea. I like Sochi very much, we bathed and went boating and swimming
lay in the sun on the beach. In the evenings we went for a walk or dropped in at a cafe to have ice-cream
or juice. My father showed us the famous Botanical Gardens, we went for hikes in the mountains, we saw
the magnificent Augura Waterfalls.
The sea was nice and warm. The weather was fine. When it was time to go home, we were sorry
to leave the marvellous town of Sochi.
3. Write a story on one of the topics. Use the words given below.
a) Plans for Holidays: coming, to talk about, to interrupt, to go on a trip, to hope, the weather, to
book tickets, to spend, to enjoy, again.
b) On the Beach: to be famous for, fine beaches, in the sun, to bathe, warm, calm, to be fond of,
even, to go boating.'
c) A Trip by Boat: to go by boat, on deck, lounge chairs, in the sun, calm, to listen to music, to
sing songs, to play chess, to enjoy.
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