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BEST of the Marine Lab/Nature Center
Check out brine shrimp (sea Monkey) and daphnia under the microscope. Grow these about 2 weeks
before needed. Or take a short cut and purchase from a great aquarium store.
Collect feathers and watch their zipper effect under microscope. You can oil them afterward with
vegetable oil and cocoa powder. Clean them with Dawn.
Owl pellets are a must for any nature week! Offer both real and synthetic pellets bot available on-line.
Learning about marine mammal blubber? Place lard between 2 rubber gloves. Place your hand inside
the dry glove. Now place a bare hand and the gloved hand into ice water.
Planning a lesson on echolocation? Use a super soaker! Blindfold campers and have them aim towards
other campers holding, tin plates, plastic Frisbees, trash can lids etc. The camper that is the “dolphin”
guesses what “fish” she’s going to catch. Great activity for the heat of summer.
Turtle Egg Relay Race – have campers relocate a turtle nest of 100 ping pong ball eggs – without turning
the eggs and killing the turtles. You can purchase ping pong balls of low quality for this activity.
Edible Aquifer – kids love ice cream and sprite. Here’s just one recipe: Also try edible sinkhole and seagrass
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