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Guide to Isagenix Websites
Account Information
Use this sample email to send out your new associates account information. Please copy this text into an
email and change the XXXXX to the relevant information for each new associate.
Your online account has been created with Isagenix and your order has been placed. The order will
ship right to your home and there is no need to be at home for the delivery.
Here is the link to your on-line account with Isagenix:
Isagenix ID: XXXXXXX
Username: XXXXXXX
Password: 123456 (can be changed anytime under the account section top right on your site)
When you get great results people notice. People will ask what you’re doing. Each time you refer
someone to Isagenix, and they order one of our systems, Isagenix will pay you a referral bonus
which is automatically loaded onto Isawallet, an online wallet.
Here is the link to Isawallet:
Eat for free: You + 2, Them + 2
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