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REAP test preparation & check in sheet
Assessment of your skills in math and English helps you achieve your goals in college by placing you into courses
appropriate to your skill level. The information below will guide you through a successful testing experience.
Your first and last name
Your month, day, and year of birth
Your SBCC student identification number, which you may look up on Pipeline K
Do you need extended time or another accommodation for disability?
If yes, visit to make advance arrangements for testing with an accommodation. Accommodations are not
offered without documentation from DSPS, the Disabled Students Programs and Services Department.
BEFORE TESTING, complete the following steps at
1. Find out whether or not you need to test
To access a list of exemptions, go to Alternatives to testing. Students eligible for an exemption must submit
Prerequisite Clearance Form A.
2. Choose a math test & review
To review sample English and math tests, go to Sample Questions. Choose the highest math test that matches your
course background & current skills. Calculators are not allowed. It is best to review without a calculator. Pretests for
Test #3 and #4 are available at Study packets may be downloaded from the Assessment website or
ordered from
3. Choose a test date
To check available testing days and times, go to Drop In Hours. No appointment is necessary, but all tests must be
completed by closing. If you live outside the Santa Barbara area, go to Information for Out of Area Students for
additional testing options.
Choose the tests you plan to take & then add up your total testing time:
 English. Requires 2 hours. This test includes an essay that you can choose to type or write by hand. All other
sections of the English test taken in the drop in computer lab are on computer.
Would you like to write your essay by hand or type it on the computer?
 English as a Second Language. Requires 2 hours.
 Choose one math test. Requires 1 to 2 hours.
 Test #1 tests arithmetic skills for placement into Basic, Math, Pre Algebra, or Elementary Algebra. 1 hour.
 Test #2 tests 1st year algebra skills for placement into Intermediate Algebra. 1 hour.
 Test #3 tests 2nd year algebra skills for placement into Statistics, College Algebra, or Pre Calculus. 1 hour.
 Test #4 tests Pre Calculus skills for placement into Pre Calculus II or Calculus. 2 hours.
Please initial:
If I require extended time or another accommodation, I have made advance arrangements with the DSPS Department.
I understand I may only test once per testing period. February through August is the testing period for Summer/Fall 2015.
For drop in testing, bring this form to Room SS 250 in the Student Services Building.
Students with an appointment for Saturday testing should go to Room A 211 in the Administration Building.
Don’t forget your photo identification and a pen or pencil.
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