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Office of Human Resources
Extension Associate Professor
The Extension Associate Professor is the second of three academic rank levels. The
employee at this level has demonstrated evidence of significant performance in each of the
six criteria. The employee at this level can elect to be reviewed for promotion to the next
level of Extension Professor and also may be periodically reviewed at the discretion of the
supervisors, and the dean and director. Continuing evidence of contributions consistent
with this rank must be shown in the periodic post- review.
The Extension Associate Professor provides outreach education and is generally field-based
in Extension Regional Offices throughout the state, with a few positions based on a campus. A
position typically serves the entire state or sometimes a large region, and is assigned to a
specific area of expertise and is affiliated with an Extension Center/educational program
Each Extension Center is managed by an Extension Associate Dean and the Centers are:
Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences; Community Vitality; Family
Development and Youth Development.
Promotion in Extension academic rank is based on merit across six criteria essential to the
quality of the individual’s work, as well as the overall impact and reputation of Extension.
The six criteria for promotion are: program leadership; Extension teaching; scholarship;
engagement; program management; and service.
Responsibilities and Performance Expectations:
Work in strategic teams for planning, implementing and evaluating Extension
educational information and creating educational materials and programs
that respond to needs.
• Design, develop, deliver/implement and evaluate educational
programs based on scholarly/scientific theory appropriate to the
• Report on programmatic impacts and accomplishments to relevant stakeholders
• Use media and technology to educate the public, promote programs, report on
programs, and scan for developing needs
• Conduct applied scholarly research in collaboration with campus faculty
• Work with and develop programs for new, diverse and historically underserved local
• Use technology to communicate, locate information, monitor trends, design
and deliver programs, evaluate and report
• Seek external funding and participate as a team member on grants to support
the educational mission and goals of the programs
Office of Human Resources
Participate in and succeed in progress in professional performance including the
systems of annual performance evaluation, annual professional plan of work and
The promotion criteria are major components of the annual performance evaluation and
professional plan of work. The Associate Extension Professor is expected to make
contributions to the six promotion criteria.
Foster and contribute to a positive work climate with colleagues, advisory
groups, coalitions, audiences and partnerships
• Develop and maintain effective regional, university and state partnerships
that further the development and delivery of Extension educational
Continue professional development in scholarship/research and educational
program development/delivery via conferences, self-directed study, and other
appropriate means that ensure maintaining a high level of expertise
A Master’s Degree is required in a subject matter/academic discipline related to the
educational programmatic focus of the position (a subset of the affiliated Extension
Center/educational program area). A degree or course work in education is often
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