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Theses: An old tale- 55 years later (Lyceum of Natural Sciences)
We are sure both children and grown ups adore tales. What happens with the
tale more than half of a century later? How are the eternal problems of good and
evil, love and hatred solved in the 21century? We would like to study this in
our work on the film “Maleficent”. This film is based on an already existing
story and characters of the tale told in the movie” Sleeping beauty” in 1959. So ,
55 years later, in May of 2014 the same studio offers a rethinking, a new look
on the tale and when we watched the film we got interested in that. According
to our survey among- pupils of our school - % watched this film, % liked it
.Only 5 students watched this film in English, that’s why we thought it would be
a good idea to watch and discuss it in English. It goes without saying that
learning the language on films is a good opportunity to have fun and to improve
your English.
So, the main goal of our work is to produce a study guide based on this film
for learning English.
The smaller tasks set to achieve the main goal of our work are the following:
1) To compare the main characters of “ Maleficent” and “Sleeping beauty”
and make a presentation
2) To try to understand a new look on the film of 2014
3) To adapt the scripts of the film for reading
4) Compile a vocabulary of unknown words for learning
So, let’s compare the main characters of “ Maleficent” and “Sleeping Beauty”.
The good characters from the animated film "Sleeping beauty" in 1959 are:
Princess Aurora, Prince Philip,
three magical fairies, king Stephen, evil characters are: the witch of Maleficent
and Raven Duval
The main characters of “ Maleficent” and the Sleeping Beauty are the same
If Maleficent has long been a symbol of the wicked witch, the character
Aurora has always symbolized the light and innocent. Princess Aurora in both
films is a positive character. They are both fair haired, kind hearted, romantic.
As for pixies they are different: in the animated film they are active(one of
them changes Maleficent’s curse); they are clever(they suggest the idea of
saving Aurora), they are daring(they rescue Prince Phillip and help him to
escape and to defeat Maleficent. But in both films they are not able to do
anything about the house. In the film “Maleficent “ these fairies are funny and
ridiculous, they are lazy and helpless, they often quarrel .They are neither bad
nor good characters in the film. But in both films they are not able to do
anything about the house.
As for Prince Phillip he is noble, honest and brave, he defeats Maleficent and
awakens princess Aurora in the animated film but in the film of 2014 he is
indifferent to everything, he is not a hero.
As for king Stefan he is a king and a father, he is a good character but in the
film, King Stefan, is driven by blind ambition to become king and stops at
nothing to achieve his goal. Stefan goes through a path from a commoner to a
powerful ruler. He is ambitious but power, wealth and money leads him to
Maleficent has a constant companion who is only an evil and aggressive
raven in the animated original but in the film Maleficent transforms it into a
man when it suits her—or a horse or a dragon or a wolf. In any form, the
character Diaval is Maleficent’s loyal companion. Diaval really pulls Maleficent
out of her dark hole and helps her to find out who she is.
The name Maleficent is derived from the words “malice” and “malevolent” that
are translated as “злоба “,”злобный». She is considered to be the mistress of
evil but we don’t know why she has become a villain, what happened with her
before and the new film with Angelina Jolie tells us a new tale with the same
Maleficent is a complex character with many layers; she is driven by revenge/
yet she fiercely protects the land she loves and all who dwell there. She has a
sense of justice and a sense of what is fair and what is worth fighting for. She is
a warrior and at the same time she is feminine.
What do we see in the opposed characters of king Stefan and Maleficent? King
Stefan representing the world of people is connected with vanity, greediness,
jealousy, hatred; Maleficent’s world is harmony, care, protection, justice.
The choice of power
The choice of love
Vanity, greediness ,jealousy, hatred,
Harmony, care, protection, beauty,
fear, revenge, betrayal
strength, justice, trust
A lot can be said about Maleficent in the new film but we would like to leave
this for further discussions at the English lessons with the usage of adapted
story. We took the scripts of film and adapted the text. Here is a study guide.
To sum up we should say that this new film is about the very many natures of
love and hatred, good and evil. These problems are eternal and they are worth
discussing at the lessons on the material of this film.
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