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Swansea Students’ Union and University Biodiversity partnership
This Union Believes:1. That Swansea has many areas that wildlife may grow and exist, and that we have a duty to protect
2. Swansea at this time does not promote the biodiversity of the campus grounds.
3. Implementing such a scheme would provide a new dimension to people’s perception of campus
and thus may change behaviour patterns and avoid harming the local environment.
This Union Further Believes:1. There are many students interested in identifying, protecting and awareness raise of locations on
university campus where such wildlife exist and can be seen.
2. Such a scheme would be of interest to many students and staff alike and not just those that study
This Union Resolves:1. To mandate the union to support the creation and publicising of a biodiversity map and trail
(currently being undertaken by the Conservation Society)
2. To mandate the Environment and Ethics officer to lead the unions representation in this area.
3. To mandate the union through the president to lobby the university, ensuring that all supplies and
resources (within reason) are provided to the scheme.
Proposed by:- Ginger Steve
Seconded by:- Rob Abrams (Environment and Ethics officer)
Open source software solution
This union notes:1. The union currently has no comprehensive policy on software procurement.
2. That open source solutions have been successfully implemented in many organisations.
3. Given the current economic climate savings should be made wherever possible.
4. That the union already benefits from the use of free and open source software
This union believes:1. That open source software can deliver long term savings over proprietary software.
2. That in many cases, open source software can be used to deliver the same functionality as
proprietary software.
3. That by promoting the use of open source software within the university, students can make
savings by switching away from expensive, proprietary solutions
This union resolves:1. To evaluate and document the union's current software usage
2. To investigate open source alternatives to software currently in use by the union
3. To report these findings to a Student General Meeting/Student Forum
4. Where feasible, migrate to open source software when existing solutions expire or reach the end of
their useful life.
Proposed by:- Edward Smith
Seconded By:- Safi Dewshi
Swansea Student's Union and the Workers Rights Consortium
This Union Believes:1. That the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) is a US-based independent labour rights monitoring
organization, conducting investigations of working conditions in factories around the globe. Their
primary focus is the labour practices of factories that make apparel and other goods bearing
university logos.
2. That, in May 2011, National Union of Students Services Limited (NUSSL), which is the main
purchaser for Students' Unions in the UK, voted to affiliate to the WRC.
3. This means that all garments purchased through NUSSL are now monitored for their labour rights
practices in their supply chains.
4. That, while this is a great step forward, our University is also a major purchaser of garments.
This Union further Believes:1. That our University should also monitor its supply chains.
2. That the WRC is the only monitoring organisation that focuses on testimonies by workers in
factories, rather than their bosses.
3. That the University should affiliate to the Worker Rights Consortium.
This Union Resolves:1. To mandate the Student Union to lobby the University to affiliate to the Workers’ Rights
2. To mandate the Environment and Ethics officer to lead the unions representation in this area.
3. To mandate the Student Union through the president to request student representation on all of the
University's purchasing committees.
Proposed by:- Rob Abrams (Environment and Ethics Officer)
Seconded by:- Nick Hoad
Election Review Motion
This Union Notes:1. That it is important that our election rules are as up to date as possible.
2. That the last election review took place at the end of 2010.
This Union Believes:1. That the election process needs to be as open and as fair as possible.
1.1 That NUS Wales provide the service of an independent and fully trained DRO for free.
1.2 That in order to ensure our elections are as fair as possible the Union should seek input
from its own staff, the University and NUS Wales.
2. That currently NUS UK holds no policy on gender quotas for delegate elections.
2.1 That NUS Wales hold policy that requires a quota of 50% + Women in a delegation.
2.2 Though policy may be passed by NUS UK in the future on this other unions such as
Manchester have implemented their own policy.
3. That students who are returning as Post Graduate students and students who have caring
responsibilities are likely to face more uncertainty as to whether they definitely will be returning to
university for the new academic year.
4. That students with caring responsibilities face uncertainty over their timetables and are only aware
in the new academic year.
5. That students who were not fresher’s were able to vote in the election for fresher’s representative.
5.1 Those using databases that exist within the University this could be prevented.
6. That students who were not Post Graduate students were able to vote in the election for Post
Graduate Officer.
6.1 That using databases that exist within the University this could be prevented.
Students are often not aware of the role of each officer or of the affiliations they are being
asked to vote for.
7. Voting yes or no to the affiliation can be too much of a hassle as there are so many.
8. Many students, particularly international students and off campus students have difficulty voting
due to not being registered or not knowing how to log on.
9. Students who are unable to vote are currently expected to re-register (which is time consuming
and difficult for many students) and if this fails they are expected to visit the Academic Registry for
a certificate of eligibility. This is not accessible.
10. Often marketing plans for the work of the Union or the Union elections have more short term
10.1 The work the Union does and the importance of the elections are not always given the
priority they should be in regards to promotion.
10.2 A long term and structured strategy needs to be put in place to ensure the Union
promotes itself adequately and to ensure the highest levels of openness and accessibility
when it comes to elections.
11. That many students are not easily aware of how they can contact the officers that represent them.
This Union Resolves:1. That the Deputy Returning Officer for the elections will now be a trained member of staff from
NUS Wales.
2. The a gender quota will be set for the NUS UK delegate elections with at least 50% of positions
rounded up reserved for women.
3. That the election for the position of Post Graduate Officer will be moved and held after the start of
the new academic year alongside the election for Freshers Representative.
4. That the election for the position of Students With Caring Responsibilities Officer will be moved
and held after the start of the new academic year alongside the election for Freshers Representative.
5. That the Union will try to the best of its ability to ensure that only Freshers are able to vote in the
Freshers Representative election.
6. That the Union will try to the best of its ability to ensure that only Post Graduate Students are able
to vote in the Post Graduate Officer election.
7. During the elections information will be clearly available online stating the individual role of each
officer position and of each affiliation.
8. Affiliation elections will have a ‘Yes to all’ option and a ‘No to all’ option.
9. Accessible Voting Support Stations will be set up for all elections to ensure that those who have
difficulty in voting can be helped as much as possible and that the locations of the Voting Support
Stations can vary but should be primarily concentrated in the places where those who have the most
trouble voting would be. For instance in areas where there are many international students.
10. That the Union will work to the best of its abilities to acquire a list of all registered students so
that those experiencing difficulties can still be marked off the register and still cast their vote.
11. That Full-Time Officers should work with the Union Publicity Staff and Entertainments
department to put in place a long term marketing strategy for Union and election promotion.
12. That the Union will work to ensure that Union Officer boards are placed in as many University
buildings as possible and as appropriate, including residential buildings.
Proposed by:- Mitchell Theaker (General Secretary)
Seconded by:- Rhiannon Hedge (Education Officer)
Emergency Motion 1: Defending Nursing Student Bursaries
Union notes:1) The Welsh Health Minister announced changes to the way nursing students
in Wales will be funded in October.
2) Nursing students in Wales currently receive a bursary of £6,701 a year to
support themselves while training.
3) The Welsh Government’s proposed changes will mean this is replaced with a
£1,000 grant and a means-tested bursary of up to £4,395. Nursing students
will also have access to a maintenance loan of up to £2,324.
Union believes:1) The NHS is under more financial pressure than it has been in many
decades, having to deal with an unprecedented real terms cut over the next
three years while it is being asked to deliver more on less money.
2) The only way we can do this is by ensuring we have talented, capable
staff and we need to be doing everything we can to encourage the best
applicants succeed into the profession.
3) The Health Minister said: “The new arrangements mean that all healthcare
students are treated the same.” Nursing students are different to other
healthcare students. They are generally older than other students and often
have family and financial commitments and rely on the bursary scheme to help
them through their training. Nursing students are more likely to have caring
responsibilities and it has already been shown by the NUS UK Meet the
Parents Report that over 60% student parents had thought about dropping out
of their courses.
5) Nursing students spend 42 weeks per year training, compared with 30 weeks
for other healthcare students. They spend 50% of their time on clinical
placements, working in the NHS and assisting in the provision of care at no
cost to the NHS.
6) These changes are unnecessary – the current system of bursaries is
working well. There is a healthy supply of people who want to pursue a
career in nursing, with 10 applicants to each place. Wales also has one of
the lowest drop-out rates in the UK, at around 10% nationally.
7) Most importantly, the Welsh Minister for health has failed to consult
nursing students. This change to the scheme would add more pressure to
nursing students increasing the number of students that are forced to drop
out of nursing.
Union Resolves:1) To publicly defend Nursing student's' current bursary of £6,701 a year.
2) For the SU executive (full and part time officers) to write to the Welsh
Health Minister and local AMs to lobby them on this issue.
Proposed by:- Zahid Raja
Seconded by:- Charlotte Britton
Emergency Motion 2: University Elections
This Union notes:1. Undergraduate tuition fees have been raised to £9,000 per year, meaning students’ tuition
fees will make up a larger proportion of university funding than ever before.
2. The Students’ Union President and Athletic Union President are members of the University
Council and provide first class representation for Swansea students.
3. Every January the University’s Court elects a number of people to the University’s Council;
only members of the University’s Court can be elected to Council.
This Union believes:1. In the principle that whilst tuition fees exist, a fee paying student should always be
represented on the University’s Council, which is the institution’s highest decision making
2. The leadership of the University failed to make a stand against higher undergraduate tuition
fees. It is right that they are confronted by a student coping with the reality of higher fees.
3. That as a result of Swansea students’ increased financial contribution we are now major stake
holders in the University and as such students should be considered as partners at every level
of the institution.
4. Swansea University Students’ Union should take every opportunity to increase our
representation on University Council.
This Union resolves:1. To nominate the General Secretary of the Union to be a member of University Court each
2. To nominate the General Secretary of the Union for the election of members of the
University’s Court to University Council each year.
3. To nominate the Welfare Officer in the 2012 elections to the University’s Council because
they are both a member of the University’s Court and a fee paying student.
Proposed by:- Luke James, SU President
Seconded by:- Eleri Jones, SU Women’s Officer
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