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Multiple Choice Worksheet 1
For each question, choose which of the four possible answers fits the space best. Also think
about why the other three answers are not possible.
1. Don't wash that sweater in hot water, ___________ it will shrink.
a. unless
b. if
c. moreover
d. otherwise
2. ___________ the vacation, we had the most wonderful weather imaginable. Sunshine all the way!
a. along
b. throughout
c. moreover
d. all in all
3. Police arrested a man late last night in connection with the murder. Police expect to charge
the ___________ later this morning.
a. guilty
b. suspect
c. condemned
d. arrested
4. Right, Mrs. Jones. Take these pills twice a day and if the problem ___________ more
serious, come back and pay me a visit.
a. goes
b. becomes
c. turns
d. develops
5. When each group of tourists have paid the entrance fee, ___________ them with a picnic
hamper and two parasols.
a. provide
b. give
c. lend
d. give out
6. This house is so old now. When it rains, the windows leak and the roof needs to be
replaced soon. ___________, we love it and would never move to another.
a. nevertheless
b. although
c. though
d. despite
7. Pass me the ___________, I need to put these sheets together.
a. scissors
b. eraser
c. stapler
d. sharpener
8. We got home to find the children __________ down the marble hallway in their socks.
a. sliding
b. skidding
c. falling
d. crashing
9. Has someone moved the drinks ___________ the table while I was gone? I'm sure
that glass in front of Peter was mine.
a. off
b. along
c. around
d. on
10. If you help me ___________ the potatoes, I will chop them and you can go and
watch the movie.
a. mash
b. skin
c. break
d. peel
11. It isn't going to rain tomorrow, they said, but there may be a few ___________ in
the evening.
a. puddles
b. showers
c. breezes
d. gales
12. ___________ sounding very boring, the film was actually pretty interesting. I would
recommend it!
a. although
b. however
c. despite
d. nevertheless
13. I went back to that house ___________ again but never saw anything that looked
like a ghost ever again.
a. over and over
b. repeatedly
c. constantly
d. moreover
14. It’s pouring down, we shouldn’t go to the zoo today. ___________, I have a lot to
do, so we’d rather stay home.
a. besides
b. however
c. on the other hand
d. therefore
15. Your attitude ___________ it absolutely impossible for me to sympathise with you, Jenny!
a. makes
b. causes
c. forces
d. does
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