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Success by SK2!
Your academic success depends on your partnership with your instructor. They agree to come to class prepared
to present information about certain topics or subjects and YOU agree to come to class prepared to learn the
Tips to Keep in Mind:
The instructor’s syllabus is the contract that you agree to abide by in order to obtain your grade for
the course. This is a VERY important document and one that you should keep and refer to often
throughout the semester. NEVER LOSE YOUR SYLLABUS!
One of the most important skills that you can perform is to meet with every instructor, every
 This gives you an opportunity to learn about you as a person and as a student.
 This will allow you to demonstrate to the instructor that you are a serious and motivated
student willing to take the time and effort to establish a rapport with the instructor.
 This will provide YOU insight into the instructor’s thinking. (After all, isn’t that what will give you
an advantage on determining what will be on the test!?!)
 This will also provide you with an opportunity to discuss or clarify any of the policies in which
you may have questions or concerns.
So… How Do You Achieve Success by SK2???
Schedule It! Look at your Syllabus and use the contact information to contact your instructor
during their office hours and request an appointment. If you have conflict with the posted office
hours, contact the instructor and request an alternative time for an appointment. It is best if you
give them some options for times, especially if your schedule is full.
Know it! Be sure you have looked through the course syllabus and are familiar with the course
objectives, policies and requirements. It is ok for you to highlight the syllabus and refer to it as you
visit with the instructor… THAT’S IMPRESSIVE and they will know you mean business!
Sell it! Sell yourself by letting your professors and instructors know what skills, talents, purpose
and level of commitment you bring to the “contract” for your grade in the course. Share your story,
your goals, your strengths AND your weaknesses.
Keep Your Eyes Open! Be a Sherlock Holmes every day to discover “what will be on the test”. It is
permissible for students to inquire of an instructor where the test questions will come from: the
textbook, reading, lectures, labs or outside assignments. Determining the area the instructor will
focus on for test materials is essential. Also, knowing what type of questions that will be on the test
is beneficial: multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer, matching or essay. This will help you
determine how to study and prepare for the course from the very first day!
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