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Pinnacle YL
1 Song ( Sea n, Nick, Briana ) –
Announ cem ent s (D a vid, Jessica )
Mix er: Dance Lesso n s / Simon Says
(Nick )
Mock Prom Club
An energetic dance instructor comes in (think Richard
Simmons – afro, headband, wristbands, jump suit or gym
pants, lots and lots of energy). He says he’s gonna get you
all trained for Prom. He leads the group in a couple dance
type songs and/or some Simon Says.
He could do Simon Says as the way to teach the dance.
Song ideas: Chicken Dance, Hand Jive, Hokey Pokey, Cha
Cha Slide, YMCA.
Supplies: Eye makeup, bandana, marker for tattoos, tight
pants, jewelry.
2 Songs (Sea n, Nick, Briana)
P art icipat ion Ga me: Pick Up Lines
(David, Jessi ca)
Pick one girl and three guys. Bring them upfront and tell
them they are having a pickup line contest. They say their
line then sit down next to the girl and put their arm around
The chair has been rigged so they will fall through. You can
put two chairs apart with a sheet over all of them.
Supplies: 2-3 chairs, sheet.
1 Song (Sea n, Nick, Briana )
New kids
Campaigners: 5:30 Monday Yard House
Next week:
2 weeks – Blue Burrito and Parent Meeting @ 7PM
2 Songs (Sea n, Nick, Briana)
Club Talk – Leader P anel (S ean l eads)
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