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YAMM setting up procedure
1. Arrive at 8:45
2. In the Reception classes area arrange the two desks side by side. If no desk is
found, take one from a nearby class room.
3. Bring 7-8 chairs from the dining hall (behind the curtains) and arrange them by
the desks and along the blue cupboards.
4. In the YAMM bag find the green pencil case. Take the YAMM phone out and
switch it on.
5. From the pencil case also take the key and unlock the YAMM cupboard.
Return the key to the pencil case.
6. Take out the time table from the YAMM bag and leave one of the 9am parents
at the desk to mark people as they come in.
7. Take the blue box of music stands from the cupboard to the reception area.
8. Take out three keyboards, two stands and a folding piano seat from behind the
trolley in the cupboard.
9. Take two large music stands out of the cupboard and place them on the floor by
the side of the cupboard.
10.Carefully pull the trolley with the digital piano out of the cupboard. At the
bottom of the trolley find the coffee/tea and mugs and take them to the
reprographics room (last room on the left in the corridor of the YAMM
11.Take one of the desks from outside the reprographics room into that room and
set up the coffee/tea and mugs on it.
12.From the left shelf in the YAMM cupboard take the cordless kettle, fill it up to
the maximum level from the cold water tap in the reprographics room and
connect it to the socket. Do not switch it on as it will only be required for the
tutors' break at 11:00.
13.Push the digital piano into room 5C at the end of the year 6 corridor. Carefully
take the piano off the trolley (the legs have a tendency of coming off so be
careful) – this is best done with two people. Park the trolley safely along a desk
inside class 5C.
14.Go into the children kitchen (near the main hall in the year 6 corridor) and
remove the cover from the piano. Open the lid and place a blue plastic chair
from the pile next to the piano seat.
15.In the year 6 corridor find a black piano. Push it (with its seat on top) into class
6F. You will need to move a desk out of the way inside the class room.
16. Return to the YAMM cupboard, take out the notice board from the cupboard
and carry it into the reception area.
17. Relax – the job is done.
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