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From 23rd to 29th December 2009 at Delhi
Under the auspices of
Chess Association of India
Total prize pool Rs. 15 Lacs – prizes 110
1. Rs. 3 Lacs
2. Rs. 1.5 Lacs
3. Rs. 1 Lac
4. Rs. 75,000/5. Rs. 50,000/- 6-10. Rs. 25,000/11-20. Rs. 20,000/21-35. Rs. 12,000/36-55. Rs. 8,000/56-80. Rs. 4,000/Prizes reserved for the categories :
Women –
Rs. 5000/- ; Rs. 4000/- ; Rs. 3000/- ; Rs. 2000/- ; Rs. 1000 (2) Under 16 –
Rs. 5000/- ; Rs. 4000/- ; Rs. 3000/- ; Rs. 2000/- ; Rs. 1000 (2)
Under 14 – Rs. 4000/- ; Rs. 3000/- ; Rs. 2000/- ; Rs. 1000/- (3)
Under 12 – Rs. 3000/- ; Rs. 2000/- ; Rs. 1000/- (4)
Under 10 – Rs. 2000/- ; Rs. 1000/- (5)
Note:- Prizes shall be shared on equal points position
Tournament Entry Fee : Rs. 1000/- ; CAI-Registration Fee Rs. 100/Schedule : Arrival 23rd December 2009
Inauguration : 2:00 PM Sharp
Day & Date Morning Session
Evening Session
9:30 AM to 1:30 PM 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Wed. 23 Dec.
1st Rd.
Thu. 24 Dec. 2nd Rd.
3rd Rd.
Fri. 25 Dec. 4th Rd.
Sat. 26 Dec. 5th Rd.
6th Rd.
Sun. 27 Dec. 7th Rd.
8th Rd.
Mon. 28 Dec. 9th Rd.
Tue. 29 Dec. 10th Rd.
Prize Distribution Function 4:00 PM
Accommodation: Free dormitory style (4 to 6 persons in a room) shall be provided if draft of entry
fee in favour of “CHESS INDIA” payable at New Delhi deposited with Organizing Secretary upto 7th
December 2009.
Registration: Chess Association of India shall not impose limitations regarding participation in any
event on its registered players. Registration is must for all.
-: Further Details :Rajanish Goel, National Coordinator, Pansari Bazar Saharanpur
Mob: 09319946351, e-mail : [email protected] , [email protected]
Treat this as an advance information
Naveen Kr. Wal
President CAI
Mob: 09839095923
Mahesh L. Ved
Secretary General, CAI
Mob: 09322593050
Darshan K. Gupta
Org. Secretary Tmt.
Mob: 09811343119
National Headquarters : 112-Sunder Bagh, Lucknow – 226018-14
A national convention of Chess lovers, well wishers sympathizers, organizers, arbiters and
representatives of the players held at New Delhi under the Chairmanship of Mr. Naveen Kumar Wal
to review the present situation of the organization and condition of the game in the country
recently on October 11th , 2009.
Delegates expressed their serious concern over the poor condition of the game and also about
unruly behaviour of the officials. Members alleged that the State Chess Associations were
systematically humiliated one after another, organizers were deprived of their rights intentionally
while players were treated as bonded labourers even GM’s and IM’s are facing difficulties in dealing
with these arrogant, hypocrite and mischievous people. All have perverse mind therefore situation
deteriorating day by day continuously since last five years house opinioned and unanimously
resolved to form a separate organization at national level to promote the game and to save the
players from the demoralizing attitude of such bogus people. Accordingly “Chess Association of
India” has been formed and the following office bearers were elected unanimously:
Sri Naveen Kumar Wal (U.P.)
Vice President : Sri Raja Climax (Tamilnadu)
Mrs. Ambika K. Kutty (Kerala)
Sri K. Padam Singh (M.P.)
Secretary General : Sri Mahesh L. Ved (Maharashtra)
Hony. Treasurer
Sri S. K. Tewari (U.P.)
Joint Secretaries : Sri Darshan K. Gupta (Delhi)
Sri Kuldeep Sharma (Haryana)
Sri Vikas Singhai (Chhattisgarh)
Sri Narayan Das (Rajasthan)
Sri C. Shashidharan Nair (Kerala)
The Chess Association of India has been registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 as
per the decision of the convention. Activities of this newly constituted body will be commencing
from next month with a Rs. 15 Lakh prize money open tournament in Delhi as an initial gesture to
the players of the country. Tournament will be held from 23 to 30 December. The winner of this
event will be richer by Rs. 3 Lakh, runners-up will pocket Rs. 1.5 Lakh while third placed will get Rs.
1 Lakh. Apart from the 80 merit prizes 30 prizes have been reserved for the women, under 16, 14,
12 and 10 years of age group categories. Few GM’s and IM’s have already confirmed their
The CAI will be organizing few more open prize money chess tournaments of Rs. 5 Lakh each at
Bhiwani (Haryana) in February, Bikaner (Rajesthan) in April, Bombay (Maharashtra) in June,
Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) in August, Calicut (Kerala) in October and the last of 2010 in December
will be of Rs. 25 Lakh. This event will be remembered by all. Efforts will be made to boost chess in
every nook and corner of the country while players will be provided right opportunities,
encouragement and full support to develop their game. CAI will also organize regular National
Championships timely and arrange coaching camps for the players.
CAI assured that the players registered with them will not be restricted to participate in any
chess tournament in the country or abroad.
(Naveen Kumar Wal)
President – CAI
Mob: 9839095923
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