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The 242 Experience: Becoming Followers of the Way Together
HCBC Austin College Ministry
What is The 242 Experience?
The 242 Experience is a 9-week intensive summer training opportunity for college
students who are ready to take their relationship with God and their personal ministry to the next
level. Acts 2:42 describes the experience of Christ-followers in the brand new church this way:
“They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread
and to prayer.” The following verses describe the amazing things God did in and through them.
We are asking God to give our students this same “242 Experience” this summer.
What is The 242 Experience like?
* Live: During the 242 Experience you will be living in community with other 242 Students.
You will be sharing a room with 2-3 other students who have a desire to grow in their faith and be
used by God in eternally significant ways. Some of the 242 students will be part of your small
group. You will eat, pray, and study Scriptures together. Your leader will be an individual who
has a desire to serve you and help you grow in Christ. Together as a 242 Community you will
grow, serve and lead in ministry, reach out to those who are far from God, and see God do
amazing things in and through your lives.
* Work: During this experience, you will also have 25-40 hours per week job in the
community. This will be a great time to learn servanthood, make friends, share your faith and
make some money!
* Grow: Most nights of the week (though you will have some time off!) will be devoted to
ministry, evangelism, and spiritual growth experiences. You will participate and lead in our
HCBC Austin College ministry, CNX. You’ll learn how to lead a small group. You’ll be trained
in having Intentional Conversations and participate in Initiative Evangelism in a variety of
venues. You’ll learn to study the Scriptures using Inductive Bible Study, giving you the lifetime
ability to feed yourself from the Word of God. You will be discipled in your own walk with God.
You will learn to disciple other students in their walks with God. You will also gain a biblical
worldview, missionary mindset, and global perspective on God’s mission through ‘His Story’.
You will also grow in your connection to the local body of Christ by worshipping on Sundays at
HCBC Austin. Various other community, ministry and relational events will also occur over the
*Enjoy: The 242 Experience is a very fun and powerful time in which you will enjoy
your relationship with Christ and seeing Him change your life and the lives of others for eternity.
Through this opportunity, you will go deeper into the heart of God than you have ever
gone before. You will learn how to hear from Him and walk with Him in a more intimate way,
join Him as He does astonishing work in people’s lives, and establish Him as the preeminent
priority in your life.
What does The 242 Experience cost?
The 242 Experience cost is TBD, which includes housing, mission trip, His Story and
discipleship resources. The thought is that you would raise financial support so that you can save
the money you earn over the summer rather than using it to pay for The 242 Experience. If you
need guidance or training in raising financial support we can help you with that as well.
What are some of the qualifications to be accepted to The 242 Experience?
The student who will have an incredible summer at The 242 Experience will have a
teachable heart. They will desire for God to work in their lives through the time alone with Him,
studying the Scriptures, and community and training time. They will have an attitude of
servanthood as they adjust to living and growing with other believers. They will be willing to
stretch themselves out of their comfort zone as they share their faith and as they help others grow.
They will be team players. They will be ready to have awesome times of fun during downtimes.
The 242 Experience is not for the faint of heart.
Job Info:
At the project, everyone will be required to find full-time jobs in the area. If you would
like, you may begin your search for job opportunities, but each job must be approved by staff
before acceptance.
Jobs must be:
* 25-40 hours a week
* Monday – Friday, some Saturdays
* Must be off by 5:00 pm at the latest.
* Approved by the Experience Leader.
Job Policy:
Please understand that it is your responsibility to get a job for the summer. We will
provide you with a list of possible employers that have indicated to us the possibility for hiring.
Feel free to contact them before you arrive or to make other contacts with possible employers.
Many will not officially hire until you arrive to Austin. Be prepared to send your resume or have
them send you an application. Make sure they understand the limitations about your working
availability, and make sure you talk with the 242 Experience Leader, before you accept a job. He
will be at the experience on the first day. His job is not to find you a job, but you must ok your
job with him before you accept it.
Job guidelines for working at The 242 Experience:
1. No Conflicts with project objectives.
 Students must be off by 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. May work on Saturdays unless there is a
242 event scheduled.
 Absolutely no work on Sunday.
 No participant can work less than 25 hours. (35-40 hours is preferred)
 Leaders cannot work on Mondays.
2. No jobs can be accepted where you are placed in any compromising situation.
3. All jobs must be approved by the Experience Leader before you may accept the job. Once
you have talked verbally with an employer, you must notify our Experience Leader for the
4. No job can be terminated by a student without staff approval.
5. You cannot stay home from work unless reason is health related. You must obtain
Experience Leader's approval to miss work.
Many of these positions are part-time. Some of the students worked two part-time jobs
last year, so if that is something that interests you, we will be flexible. Remember: Do not panic
if you have not found a job by the time you get here. The job market is good. So good luck and
happy job-hunting!
Job Tips:
* Before you begin looking for a job, commit it to God and trust Him for the results.
* Tell your employers why you are in the area for the summer. Be sure and communicate who
you are associated with.
* Let your employer know the hours that you can work and that the project will not allow you
to change during the course of the summer.
* Let the employer know you’re past work record.
* VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure you get all the information about a job before you take it.
Don't necessarily take the first job offered or any job right off. Take time to pray and get all the
facts before you finalize your decision. Once you accept the job, you must keep it.
* Use good judgment in your appearance and in the way you handle yourself over the phone
and when you go for an interview.
* Remember, many times your only witness to your employer is timeliness and work ethic.
(Col 3:23)
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