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Выучить слова. Будет словарный диктант.
1. to submit an offer – представить на рассмотрение предложение
2. drawings and specifications – чертежи и спецификации
3. to enclose with the letter – приложить к письму
4. the total price – суммарная цена
5. to sign the contract – подписать контракт
6. to complete delivery – закончить поставку
7. the offer is valid for 90 days – предложение действительно в течение 90 дней
8. in cash - наличными
9. receipt of the following shipping documents – получение следующих погрузочных
10. bill of lading - коносамент
11. insurance policy – страховой полис
12. packing list – упаковочный лист
13. invoice – счет-фактура
14. in accordance with your enquiry – в соответствии с вашим запросом
15. stocks of spare parts – запасы запасных частей
16. therefore – поэтому, следовательно
17. to obtain the following items – получить следующие наименование (товаров)
18. supply of goods – поставка товаров
19. suitable date – подходящая дата
20. advise me – сообщить мне
21. Would you will be kind enough to advise me – не будете ли вы так любезны сообщить
22. to let smb down – подвести к-л
23. Release Note for Shipment – разрешение на погрузку
24. Notification of Readiness – уведомление о готовности
25. otherwise - иначе
26. to carry out tests – осуществлять испытания
27. by all means – любыми средствами
28. satisfactory - удовлетворительно
29. to pay special attention to seaproof packing – уделять особое внимание
водонепроницаемой упаковке
30. to wrap up in polythene – обернуть в полиэтилен
31. wooden crates – деревянные ящики с вентиляционными отверстиями
32. to ensure safe delivery – обеспечить безопасную поставку
33. to do one’s best – сделать все возможное
Ex. 13, p. 564.
Supply the correct forms of the verbs. Summarize the letter.
Dear Sirs,
You …just kindly (to advise) us that you (to have) to buy machines of another company. We (to
be) sorry that your order (to place) with our competitors because our delivery time (to be) not
suitable to you and you (to find) our prices too high.
We would like to explain to you first that we (to be) heavy with orders now and the deliveries as
a result (to extend). Besides, some modifications (to make) in the machines to achieve higher
capacities. That is why our prices (to be) higher than our competitors’ prices.
Nevertheless, we (to feel) that if you (to take into consideration) the high quality of our machines
you (to agree) that they (to price) reasonably).
We hope that you (to be able) to place your future orders with us.
Yours faithfully,
C. Deadle
Sales Manager.
Ex. 14, p. 565.
Supply prepositions where necessary
1. Payment was to be made ___ cash ___ 30 days ___ receipt ___ all shipping documents.
2. Much attention must be paid ___ seaproof packing, especially when goods are shipped
____ African countries.
3. ___ export packing, machines are often wrapped up ____ polythene and then put _____ a
special creates.
4. The customers sent an enquiry___ women’s shoes ____ autumn wear, but were informed
that the company could not supply them ____ the whose as they were ____ stock ____
that moment.
5. Two inspectors arrive ___ London to be present ___ the tests ___ the new model ___
6. The Seller’s offer was valid ____ a period ___ 90 days ____ the date ____ their
7. Rossexport promised to submit ____ the British company any samples of cameras they
will require.
8. ____ the past this company supplied us ____ their chemicals. Now they want us to advise
them ____ our current requirements.
9. ___ accordance ___ Mr Ranson’s letter his company is going to increase their prices
____ 6 % ___ May.
Ex. 16, p. 566
Read and translate
Some engineers from the Russian Trade Delegation saw tools of a British company at the
Industrial Exhibition in London.
They were impressed by the fact that the quality of the tools was very high, they had many
applications and their finish was extremely good. The engineers decided to buy them.
Some time later the British company sent an offer to the Russian Trade Delegation. After
Korolyov had studied the offer he phoned Mr Stanley to clarify some details.
Korolyov: Good morning, I’d like to speak to Mr Stanley.
Secretary: Who is that calling?
Korolyov: This is Korolyov of the Russian Trade Delegation.
Secretary: Mr Korolyov, can you hold on for a moment? Mr Stanley is speaking on another line.
Korolyov: It’s all right. I can wait.
Stanley: Good morning, Mr Korolyov. Very glad to hear you. Is there anything I can do for you?
Korolyov: We’ve just received an offer from your company, Mr Stanley. We’d like to know
what kind of packing you are going to use?
Stanley: Usually our tools are wrapped up in polythene, put in wooden crates and transported in
containers. The kind of packing we propose to use ensures safe delivery of the goods. Our
customers find it quite satisfactory.
Korolyov: Thank you. Good-bye.
Ex. 17, p. 567.
Read and Translate
Dear Sirs,
We are pleased to advise you that we have in stock the acrylic sheets you are interested in. We
can quote for about 500 acrylic sheets which will be wrapped up in special paper in accordance
with your requirements. The price is … per square meter FOB UK port.
The goods can be offered for prompt delivery.
Payment is to be made by a L/C which is to be opened within two weeks of receipt of Bill of
Lading, Invoice and Packing List.
You will realize that we quote a lower price than our competitors. Therefore our offer gives you
an extremely favourable opportunity to obtain supplies of high quality at a very attractive price.
If you are interested in purchasing our goods we shall need your order immediately as it is
expected these supplies will not be available on the market at the above price for very long.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Your faithfully,
Frown and Co.
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