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Pond Life
The Norton Knatchbull Science College has
available to Primary Schools an Activity
Box for Pond Life!
This kit requires
everything you need to investigate Pond
Life except of course the children. The box
contains enough materials for 10 groups
and also has support on the Norton
Knatchbull VLE
To book the box, simply email Mr. D.
[email protected] with the
dates you would like to borrow to kit for. If you would like we can also arrange for a
Secondary Science Biology Teacher to come free with the box (although not inside...).
Pond Life Box Includes
Simple to use Keys (from the Field Studies council)
o 10 Fresh Water Invertebrate Keys
10 Pond Nets (to collect insects)
20 Sample pots with built in magnifying lids
10 Sample Trays
Plastic Spoons
Lesson Plans
Work Sheets
Supporting Web Page on the Norton Knatchbull VLE
To access the support web page on the Norton Knatchbull VLE follow the link below and
click Log in as a Guest.
Mr. S. Marsh
Head of Biology
Norton Knatchbull Science College
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