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Extra curriculum activity
Suggested level: B1 – Intermediate
 to develop speaking and listening skills;
 to practice role play;
 to develop sociolinguistic competence.
Equipment: textbooks, flashcards, handouts.
At the end of the lesson students will be able to:
 describe places of interest of Great Britain;
 speak English using unprepared speech.
1. Greetings and aim
The stage is decorated with a big poster “I KNOW GREAT BRITAIN” and symbols of the
country. The captains of both teams are dressed in conservative clothes. Each team consists of 4
pupils and 10 fans.
Presenter. Today we are having a competition “I KNOW GREAT BRITAIN”. It is a great
pleasure for me to open it. I would like to welcome our pupils and our teachers. Let me introduce a
competent jury……………………………..
There are some rules. They are very easy. If you know the correct answer, you raise your
hand and reply. Your fans must sing, help with the answers and support your team clapping.
Let`s start our competition. Dear boys and girls! You`ve already learned a lot about Great
Britain, main holidays, famous people and you can prove your knowledge of English. I wish you
good luck and let`s start.
Introduction of the teams
The pupils have their emblems so they have to introduce themselves.
Teams. Our team is called…….
Our emblem means……
Our motto is………
I. THE MAIN PART. The first contest
Presenter. Look at the slides and try to guess the name of the place you see.
Buckingham palace, the Tower Bridge, Tower, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, the Houses of
Parliament, the English Tunnel, London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, the British museum.
Score: 1 point for the correct answer.
Listen to music and try to guess the singer. (Beatles “Yesterday”)
Score: 2 points
The second contest
Presenter. There are some slides with important dates in front of you. You have to guess
which holiday is celebrated on these days.
February 14th, June 24th, October 31st, November 5th, November 11th, December 25th,
December 26th, December 31th.
Score: 1 point for the correct answer.
The third contest
Presenter. I want to tell you about Pancake Day which is celebrated on Shrove Tuesday in
spring at the beginning of Lent. Lent is a period of 40 days before Easter.
Well, on this day in England families usually have pancakes for dinner. At schools the
children and teachers have pancakes for school dinner, and in restaurants customers ask for
pancakes, too. Everyone knows that pancakes are delicious to eat, but do you know how to cook
Presenter. Your task is to arrange the instructions for making pancakes in the right order.
1. Pour in a little batter, moving the pan round until there is a thin coating of butter all over
the pan.
2. Next fry the other side until it is golden brown, then turn the pancake onto a warm plate
and cover.
3. Cook until the pancake begins to curl round the edges, showing the golden brown
colour underneath. Ease a palette knife under the centre and flip it over.
4. Make a small hole in the centre of the flour/salt mixture and add the egg.
5. Now beat the mixture with a wooden spoon, adding the milk gradually until well mixed.
6. To make pancakes, heat a little butter in an 18 cm frying pan with a heavy base.
7. Serve immediately with sugar and lemon juice or fill with a sweet or savoury filling.
8. Sift the flour and salt into a bowl.
9. Wait until the butter is very hot, running it round to coat the sides of the pan. Pour away
any surplus.
10. Continue cooking pancakes until all the butter is used, adding more butter each time.
The fourth contest
Presenter. So, let’s imagine that we have already made our pancakes. Do you know that in
England people not only eat them but race with them? Now we are going to have a pancake race at
our school. I invite those who will take part in the race to take flying pans with pancakes on them
and to take places at the end of the hall. You must run towards me tossing your pancakes 3 times
during the race. The winner is a pupil who comes first and doesn’t drop his pancake. So, be careful.
Presenter. Another tradition is the Pancake fight when a cook tosses a pancake high into the
air. The boys fight for the pancake. The winner is the boy who gets the biggest piece of the pancake.
Listen to music and try to guess the singer. (Frank Sinatra “Let it Snow”)
Score: 2 points
The fifth contest
Presenter. Now we are going to see how good you are in English. This contest consists of
three parts.
The first part. Spelling
Presenter. Spell the following words:
Environment, fossil fuels, deforestation (for the first team)
Eco-friendly, ozone layer, impossible (for the second team)
Score: 1 point for the correct answer.
The second part. Translation
The first team
Be down with
Be off
Be on
Be over
Be in for
The second team.
Break down
Break into
Break up
Break off
Break out
Score: 1 point for the correct answer.
The third part. Explanation
The first team – a commuter
The second team – a conductor
Score: 3 points for the correct answer
Presenter. One more song (George Michael) “Last Christmas”)
The sixth contest
Presenter. Now you have to continue the proverbs.
East or West…..
There is no time…..
Everything is good….
Two heads…..
Be slow to promise…..
Don’t trouble………
It`s never too late…..
There’s no place…..
All is well……
A friend in need…..
Score: 1 point for the correct answer.
The seventh contest
Presenter. Answer the questions about the history and culture of Great Britain.
1. What is the name of the country that we call England? (The United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Northern Ireland)
2. Who founded London? (Romans)
3. Where were the Beatles born? (Liverpool)
4. What was the hometown of Shakespeare? (Stratford-on-Avon)
5. What is the largest park in London? (Hyde Park)
6. Who was called “the Iron Lady”? (Margaret Thatcher)
7. What is the famous airport in London? (Heathrow)
8. What river is London situated on? (The Thames)
9. What is the symbol of England?(The red rose)
10. What is the name of the British flag? (Union Jack)
The eighth contest
Presenter. You have to give the name of the person you see on the screen.
(Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Princess Diana, David Beckham, Queen Elizabeth,
Admiral Nelson, J. K. Rowling, Naomi Watts, Daniel Craig, William Shakespeare)
Thank you for your attention. The competition is over. Now our jury will tell the results of
our today’s competition. Team…. is the winner.
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