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welcome to
about ef hefei
Situated in the city center surrounded by parks and busy shopping streets,
EF Hefei has a busy and friendly environment. EF Hefei offers a range of
services including classes for children and adults, as well as Business
English. The school on average has twelve foreign teachers and four local teachers. Teachers are encouraged to be creative and many teachers
have extended contracts making this an excellent environment to grow as
a teacher.
the city
Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, is located in the center of the province
about six hundred kilometers west of Shanghai. Hefei is a great place to
learn Chinese and get to know a culture which, in some bigger cities, is
not so easily accessible. Western food and restaurants are available but
Hefei’s own local eating culture is something special. From street food to
hotel restaurants, eating in Hefei is one of the city’s main highlights.
places around town
Built to honor Lord Bao, an official during the Song Dynasty who fought
against the exploitation of the people, this temple is one of the most popular tourist sites in Anhui Province. The current temple complex, built after
the original temple was flooded by the Yellow River, is a prime example of
the architecture of the Northern Song.
One of the largest freshwater lakes in China, Chaohu Lake is best known
for the landscape of its two main islands, Gushan and Laoshan. These
idyllic islands are home to resorts and restaurants, making for a fanciful retreat from the city. Surrounding the lake are a variety of parks, hills,
caves, and hot springs, making Chaohu a prime place to experience the
beauty of nature.
This favorite of foreigners is a rock bar with an English-speaking staff
and a variety of international beers. Weekly live performances, pool, and
Western music contribute to the bar’s friendly pub atmosphere. Revolutionary Bar is just one of the many bars and clubs in Hefei’s growing
nightlife scene.
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