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Title of Presentation
Co-investigators and Research Team
Outline of Presentation
3 Questions for the Group
Research Question
Background and Rationale
Current Status of project
Lessons learnt
Specific Questions for the Group
• Start with presenting at least 3 focused
questions that you would like answered by the
end of the WIP session
• Present the questions first, so that the
audience can bear these in mind during the
course of the presentation.
• Re-present each question throughout your
presentation at the appropriate sections, or at
the end, for specific feedback
• Limit to 3-4 slides
Rationale for this Research Project
• Why is this research important/interesting
• Specific Objectives of the research project
• Limit to 1-2 slides
Research Question
• Try to frame the research question in the
“PICOT” format:
– Target Population
– Intervention of Interest
– Comparator Intervention
– Outcomes of interest
– Timeframe over which the outcomes are assessed
• Study design
• Outcomes of interest
– Primary
– Secondary
• Sample Size
• Analysis Plan
Questions for the Group
• You may repose your specific questions for the
group after the methods, or during the course
of the methods, depending on how or when
you would like them answered
Current status of Project
• 1 slide
• Future plans/milestones
Lessons Learnt
• Feel free to share 2 or 3 lessons you have
learnt during the course of this project, that
you would like to share with your colleagues.
Your experience is valuable, and contributes to
our education
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