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8th form
1. Rewrite these statements as reported speech.
Start with “Bob said”
1. The bus is late. Bob said that the bus was late.
2. Living in London is very expensive.
3. We are going to have dinner now.
4. The cat frightened Lida.
5. There are many theatres in London.
6. There is “Shrek” on in the cinema.
7. We cant be late for the class.
8. They start singing at 7 p.m.
9. I have to work this weekend.
2. Change the direct speech into
reported speech
1. “I don’t like watching TV”. Tom says he doesn’t like watching TV.
2. “Your music is too loud”. Her mum said ___________________________
3. “My favourite drink is orange juice”. Peter says ____________________
4. “I like collecting stamps”. She said __________________________________
5. “Saturday is the best day of the week”. Mary thinks _________________
3. Read the text on page 16 of PB and put “T”
for true statements or “F” for false ones
1. Ted and Mark are fourteen now. _________
2. Ted and Mark are doing eight subjects. _________
3. Ted and Mark would like to go to work after school. _________
4. Ted and Mark are taking their GCSE exams in June. _________
5. British schoolchildren have the same subjects and lessons until
they are thirteen. _________
6. They take exams in year 11. _________
7. They are in year 11 when the are at the age of fourteen. ________
8. There is a PE exam in June. _________
9. Ted and Mark go to school from Monday to Saturday. _________
10. Afternoon lessons finish at quarter to 4. _________
4. Complete each sentences using a word
from the “New Vocabulary” on p.17
1. British children should take _________________
exams at the age of sixteen.
2. In year 11 they take General Certificate in Secondary ______________
exams that are called GCSE in short.
3. At thirteen British children can choose different subjects to study and
Information ________________ among them.
secondary British school has got a Gymnasium and an Assembly Hall.
4. Every _____________
primary school until they are 11.
5.British children go to a _____________
typical schools schoolchildren have to wear uniforms.
6. In most _______________
7. If British schoolchildren are going to study at the University they should
exam s after their GCSEs.
take two or more 'A' level ____________
Write what Kate said:
1) “I know Janet’s telephone number”.
2) “It’s a nice weather today”.
3) “I live not far from the centre of the city”.
4) “My mother is a teacher, and my father works in the police”.
5) “I have got an elder brother and a little sister”.
6) “My room is rather big and cozy”.
7) “Dogs are very clever animals”.
8) “My grandparents live not far from my house”.
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