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Realistic Conversation
• Questions
What makes a dialogue human like?
A good idea?
Evaluation of ‘human like’
Why are human call centers human like?
• Human Like Dialogue
– Cognitive Modeling and Dialogue Systems
• Theories of Human Cognition
– Human like properties in Practical SDS
• Generation – beyond templates
• TTS – prosody, recording vs. synthesis
• Timing and Turn Taking
Why make human-like dialogues?
• To study human conversational behavior
– What makes current systems not human-like?
– Implement/test theories on systems
– Control dialogue behavior in experiments
• To improve current systems
– Efficiency (e.g. timing of confirmations)
– Comfort, usability
Human-like a good idea?
• Yes to deal with complex situations where
menus can be tedious/infeasible
• Not always appropriate (e.g. talking coffee
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