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Taking Microsoft Word 2010
to New Levels
Carol M. Cram
Course Technology Author
 Developing Projects
 Practice Projects
o Project 1: Multiple-Page Proposal
o Project 2: Menu Illustration
o Project 3: Independent Challenge
Developing Projects
 What is a project?
o A set of steps or directions that students use to create a specific type
of document
 Why use projects to teach software?
o Focus on “what” and “why”
o Allow students opportunities to determine the “how”
o Develop an understanding of document types
Components of a Project
 End product is a specific document type
 Students view the end product before starting the project
 Activities focus on the big picture; for example:
o Set up the Document
o Create Page 1
o Add and Format References
Creating a Project
 Determine a document type
o Proposal, schedule, newsletter, brochure
 Select the functions students will use
o Columns, styles, table of contents
 Develop activity sets and tasks
o Activity:
 Set up the document
o Tasks:
 Insert a header and footer
 Modify styles
 Modify a Quick Style set
Creating a Project
 Write steps for each activity
 Limit steps to 9 steps per activity
 Use general directions or specific steps, depending on the
level of your students
Example of General Directions
 Insert a WordArt object using the initials “PL”
 Apply the Gradient Fill – Purple, Accent 4, Reflection and MV
Boli font as shown
Example of Specific Steps
1. Click the Insert tab, then click the WordArt button in the
Text group
2. Click Gradient Fill – Purple, Accent 4, Reflection (fourth row,
fifth column)
3. Type PL, select PL, then click the Home tab
4. Click the Font list arrow, type MV, then select the MV Boli
Project Example
 Project Name: Business Cards
for Pierre Lefèvre
Project Activities and Tasks
 Create Labels and Enter Text
o Select a business label sheet, insert a symbol, modify paragraph
 Add a WordArt Logo
o Insert and modify WordArt, modify text effects, rotate the logo
 Add a Graphic
o Add and modify a clip art picture, change wrapping options, copy cells,
apply a theme
Independent Projects
 Students create a version of the project document using their
own content
 Provide limited directions to ensure students include all the
components required:
o For example: a WordArt object, use of a label sheet, a modified clip art
picture, etc.
 Encourage experimentation
Sample Student Project
Project 1: Five-Page Proposal for Lakeview
 Four Activity Sets
Set Up the Document
Format Headings
Add Objects
Create the Table of Contents and Cover Page
for Steps
Project 2: Menu Illustration
 Modify Text Effects
 Apply OpenText Options
 Use Background Removal and Artistic Effects to create a
for Steps
Project 3: Independent Challenge
 Create a new graphic using the two sailboat pictures
 Insert one or two pictures and use Background Removal
and Artistic Effects to create a new picture.
 Use projects to encourage students to become independent
 Encourage problem solving and increase confidence
 Assign projects that require students to supply their own
Enjoy the
About Carol M. Cram
Course Technology Author:
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