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6 September 2013
New High Capacity Water Separating Fuel Filter. High capacity design
ensures longer filter life!
PETIT-RECHAIN, Belgium. Brunswick Marine in EMEA introduces a new
Water separating Fuel Filter for Outboards and Sterndrive/Inboard engines.
The High capacity design ensures a longer filter life because the filter has
been designed with a 10 Micron Filter which offers over 90% average
efficiency and a 120 Gallon-per-Hour Flow Rate. To achieve an improved
water separation, the design engineers implemented Silicone-treated media
into the filter. Besides the stand-alone version, a Vessel-mounted Fuel Filter
Kit is compatible with most 2-Stroke & 4-Stroke Outboards and most Inboard
& Sterndrive Gas and Diesel Engines*.
Filter features
Contains 25% more media than comparable aftermarket filters for
longer life
Low pressure drop reduces fuel flow restriction, helping to prevent
vapor-locking and stalling
Internal epoxy coating protects against corrosion
High resistance to internal pressure makes it well-suited for EFI and
DFI fuel systems
The filter is available as stand-alone version or as a kit including the filter
Filter and Filter kit are available for purchase in October 2013.
(*Diesel applications require Stainless Steel fittings.)
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