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150 North Dargan Street, Suite C1, Florence SC 29506
[email protected]
(843) 431-0200
Advertiser: ___________________________Contact Name: ____________________________
(Print name exactly as you wish it to appear in Advertiser’s index)
Telephone: (
) ___________ - ___________
Fax: (
) _________ - ___________
Email Address: ______________________ Street Address: _____________________________
City: ________________________________ State: ___________ Zip: ___________________
The undersigned accepts the terms outlined in this contract and agrees to purchase printed
advertising/article at the rate of $____________. This ad/article will appear in the ___________
Issue of DeVine Glory Magazine. In addition, the undersigned agrees to return to DeVine Glory
Magazine the Publication Release Form signed.
Check here to request an emailed proof of artwork created by DeVine Glory’s contracted
Graphic Designers (advertiser must provide email address above).
Space Reservation and Payment
In order to reserve space, contract must be signed and down payment made. Deadline is
A 50% down payment is due when space is reserved. The balance is due (including
adjustments for design cost, if applicable) when issue goes to print.
Advertisers or agencies representing advertisers are responsible for all changes. Late
payments will incur late fee charges.
Ad Artwork, Ad Design and Proofs (Design Needed)
Electronic files are required. Advertising materials in acceptable electronic file format
are due by _____________. A 10% discount applies when Advertiser submits ad in
acceptable electronic format with no adjustments.
Materials requiring design and production work by DeVine Glory Magazine contracted
graphic designer must be submitted by _____________. Additional fees will apply.
If Advertiser so requests, DeVine Glory Magazine staff will email to Advertiser a proof
of a new or modified design. Within one (1) business day of sending the proof, the
Advertiser will be permitted to contact DeVine Glory Magazine to request any last
minute changes or corrections. No communication from the Advertiser indicates
acceptance of the proof, and the ad will appear as emailed.
Advertising materials will not be returned unless requested and provided with
return postage.
DeVine Glory Magazine will provide one (1) copy of the issued magazine to Advertiser
Ad Artwork Submission (No Design Needed)
Native files: Ads may also be submitted as native files using recent versions of Adobe InDesign,
Illustrator, and PhotoShop. Include all screen fonts and high-resolution graphics files.
Graphics and Photos: Include all high-resolution digital photo scan and graphics files (at a
resolution of 300 dpi or higher at the size which they will be used.) Save graphics files as EPS or
TIFF files. Save color photos in CMYK format.
PDF files: Ads should be submitted as press-ready PDF files (PDF-X-1a preferred). Please
embed all fonts, and convert all photos and spot colors to CMYK. On bleed ads include crop
marks offset to 1/4” outside of the trim area.
Send all submissions to: [email protected]
(Make checks payable to DeVine Glory Magazine)
Send payment by using PayPal email: [email protected]
Name: _________________________________________
Ad Name ______________________________
If applicable, Federal Tax ID#___________________
Authorized Signature: _______________________________________
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