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Setting Up WSU Vetmed Email – iOS 5
Follow these 7 steps to have your WSU
Vetmed Email synced to your phone!
Step 1: Open the ‘Settings’ App
and navigate to ‘Mail, Contacts,
Step 2: Select ‘Add Account’
and choose Microsoft
Exchange as the account type.
Step 3: Insert your full Vetmed Email
into the ‘Email’ box.
Step 4: Enter ‘’ into
the domain field. Then enter your
username and password into their
respective fields.
Step 5: The description is the name that
your device labels your email account. A
basic name could be ‘WSU Email’. It can be
anything you would like. Then click ‘Next’ in
the top right corner and it will attempt to
verify your settings.
Step 6: After it verifies, a new server field will
pop up. Enter ‘’ into this
field and click ‘Next’. It will verify your settings
one last time.
Step 7: A screen will pop up with options
to turn on different parts of your
Vetmed Microsoft Exchange Account.
Click ‘Save’ in the top right corner. You
have successfully synced your Vetmed
Email to your iPhone.
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