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NAME, title
Mobile: 00420 000 0000 • Email: [email protected]
A recent economics graduate with MA degree from the University XY, looking for a Graduate
Marketing position to utilise my knowledge and help me to further develop skills acquired during my
apprenticeship and work experience.
My career goal is to take the responsibility for the analysis and implementation of marketing strategies
and actively contribute to the overall success of any company I work for.
University Name
(2009 – 2014)
Master in Economics and Management
Specialization in Management and Marketing
Key Skills gained:
 Business management skills.
 Project Management skills acquired through a successfully driven project aimed at increasing
the sales in XY company.
 Analytical and conceptual thinking.
 Ability to handle, analyse and interpret complex data
 Presentation skills
 Advanced problem solving and numeracy skills.
 Strong administration and organisational skills.
 Accomplished communication skills, both written and verbal, developed through numerous
 Proficiency in all areas of Microsoft Office, including Access, Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
Notable Modules - Microeconomic & Macroeconomic Principles, International Economics,
Econometric Methods & Applications, Financial Accounting & Statement Analysis
School Name
(2005 – 2009)
School leaving examination (Maturita):
 Mathematics – B
 Czech - A
 English – A
 French – A
Akademie CZ - [email protected]
Marketing Assistant, Company Name. Location
(April 20123– Present)
Key results:
 As a team member achieved to increase the sales turnover by 20 % in 2013.
 Learnt to analyse the business data.
 Improved my knowledge of English. Passed CAE in March 2014.
 Significantly improved presentation skills and also written communication skills through
presenting and developing numerous PPT presentations.
Duties include:
 Assisting the marketing manager and supporting the marketing team
 Assisting with the production of marketing materials.
 Providing support for marketing events.
 Writing articles and promotional material for the company.
 Preparing Power Point presentations.
 Updating and maintaining the marketing department´s databases.
 Updating company website pages.
Bartender, Bar Name. Location.
(2010 – 2012)
Duties included:
 Serving customers in a polite and professional manner.
 Preparing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
 Replenishing and restocking the bar, always ensuring high level of stock management
 Planning and presenting bar menu.
I am interested in photography. I was a member of the photography club during my time at
university, during this period I also took part in a number of exhibitions and events.
I also play basketball.
References are available on request.
Akademie CZ - [email protected]
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