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What kind of place was Kazakhstan on the eve of the Great Patriotic War ?
Source exercise
Source A
We saw a weak, exhausted Kazakh man sitting on the path. He was coming back from field work,
but hardly moving, and very weak.
He was groaning, asking for something to eat or drink. I gave my companion the camera and ran
to get some water. He drank it eagerly. I ran back home again to bring him some bread and
sugar. When I came back with the bread, he was already dead.
Tatyana Nevadovskaya describing events in 1933
Source B
A starving woman in Kazakhstan, 1933
Source C
Workers’ factory education class, Kazakhstan 1932
Source D
Gulag prisoners, Karaganda, 1930s
1. Source A was written many years after the events it describes. What would historians need to
so in order to test its reliability ?
2. Using Sources A and B, and any other information you have, explain why starvation existed in
Kazakhstan during 1930-33.
3. Look at Source C. What can we learn from it about Soviet policy in Kazakhstan in the early
1930s ?
4. Source D was an official photograph taken by the Soviet authorities in Karaganda. What did
they expect those who saw the photograph to learn from it ?
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