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11а,11б группа Целищевой Т.Б.
Ex.63 p. 97-98
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Read the people’s opinions about cloning. Are you for or against
cloning? Why?
Speaker 1
"It's allowed medical research to advance at a faster pace. Scientists are now
discovering alternative methods to find cures for diseases, because cloning is
allowing them to discover more about genetics."
Speaker 2
"The thought of a cloned person walking the streets...well, I don't want to even
think about it. It makes me worry, and I am sure many others, about the future."
Speaker 3
"The farming industry in this country could be helped greatly by cloning cattle and
then maybe farming could get back on its feet."
Speaker 4
"I want to be a doctor, and cloning body organs will help save many patients' lives.
I think that cloning is an amazing medical breakthrough. And the process could
stop at cloning organs: it doesn't have to go any further?'
Speaker 5
"If cloned babies became a way of helping childless couples to have babies, this
would be extremely dangerous and morally unacceptable. If a couple can't have a
child, they should adopt."
Speaker 6
"I'm not really into the whole cloning thing, but it's interesting (if not scary) how
far they've come in such a short time."
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