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An oceanographer's view
My name is Sebastião Cavalari júnior
I am an oceanographer and I started working for Shell in mid-2007…
I consider it very important, in the first place, that
the Brazilian coastline is extremely large.
When you think that the country has the dimensions of a continent,
we have the most diverse types of marine ecosystems.
In Brazil we have coral reef ecosystems, mangrove ecosystems,
systems of rocky coastlines, sandy beaches like this one…
My main responsibility, the main work that I do is to do with environmental licensing processes…
everything that goes hand-in-hand with the licences so that we can explore and produce oil,
shall we say, in an environmentally friendly way.
I have a real bond with the marine environment,
with the beach and the sea and I can say that I spend 100% of my day working with the marine
because when I have free time, I spend it on the beach the beach is where I surf and where I bring my family as I live nearby.
So when I’m working, I’m always thinking of this environment,
thinking of ways that work can be carried out with the least environmental impact possible.
But more specifically, in the offshore environment,
in which we are active are environments that are far from the coast but which are also very important
because the brazilian fishing industry is often active in the various regions in which we explore and
produce oil.
So for this diversity and the distinctive characteristics of our coastal region
or the Brazilian oceanic region it’s important that we develop our exploration or production activities
in the most responsible way.
At the moment that we obtain the environmental licenses to develop our activities,
this is much more than just a piece of paper that allows us to do something or to stop doing something.
It is a pledge or a contract that we are signing with the community, with Brazil,
with the country and with the brazilian oceanic environment
I feel very proud on a personal and a professional level to have had the opportunity
to be part of the team that made the implementation of such an important project possible,
viable and real, a project which is so technically innovative…and…
make the link between the highly technical engineering and the environmental issues.
The fact that I studied and today know that I get to use the knowledge,
that I had the opportunity to acquire,
in the realisation of a project like this is something that really makes me proud on a personal level,
knowing that I am ensuring such important work is being carried out in an environmentally friendly way.
I feel very proud as a citizen!
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