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Class Operation Procedures
Class Operation:
Upon entering class, quietly line up along shadow wall. Students will line up in
order of rank from the highest to lowest. Remain in listening position until class
If you are late for class, enter the class, take a knee and raise your hand until an
instructor gives you permission to participate in class.
At all times during class conversation and responding to the instructors
commands to the class in general, the students should respond “Yes sir (Ma’am)”,
No Sir ( Ma’am ), or Thank You Sir ( Ma’am )” appropriately.
Uniform should be clean and wrinkle free. Wear a plain white/ black shirt or you
may wear your EMA shirt underneath your uniform. Uniform jackets and pants
should never be rolled up or cuffed. If you forgot your uniform at home, you will
be asked to do pushups by the head instructor upon entering class.
Restrooms are downstairs. Students should use restroom before coming to class.
If necessary, they may ask permission to be excused.
Students are encouraged to participate in class but respect for the time of others in
class means that talking which disturbs their training is not acceptable. If a student
does not understand instructions, he may raise his hand for questions.
How to behave in the classroom and facility:
Remove shoes and socks before entering, no shoes are to be worn on mats
Don’t drink or eat in the classroom. You may eat or drink in any of the commons
No chewing gum
Do not touch mirrors or computer.
Respect the building by throwing your trash away and not running in the facility.
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