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Department of Education and Early Childhood
Development – Victoria
For all schools and principals
S474-2013 Changes to Funding Arrangements for Vocational Training for
School Students
Main Points
For course commencements from 25 November 2013, only students enrolled in a school
and undertaking a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship can be eligible to access
subsidised vocational training under the Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG).
Students already enrolled in training will remain eligible for subsidised training in 2014, at
the 2014 subsidy rates.
Current arrangements allow a student who is enrolled in a school, either full-time or parttime, to also enrol independently at a TAFE or Registered Training Organisation and
access subsidised vocational training.
This change will ensure that vocational training undertaken by school students is linked to
their education program and is school approved.
Eligible young people who are not enrolled in school, including those completing the
Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning
(VCAL), will continue to have access to subsidised vocational training under the VTG.
Actions Required
Please consult with the Higher Education and Skills Group on any proposed
part time apprenticeship or traineeship arrangements for school students at:
[email protected]
Critical Dates
The change will take effect from 25 November 2013.
Additional Information
Part-time apprenticeships and traineeships for students attending school currently attract
VTG. These arrangements occur without school approval. Revised guidelines and policy
will be released in the coming weeks clarifying which school related apprenticeships and
traineeships will continue to attract VTG.
Where appropriate, schools are encouraged to work collaboratively, including across
sectors, to maximise the vocational training options available to their students, consistent
with current advice for VETiS provision.
Kym Peake
Deputy Secretary
Higher Education and Skills Group
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