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Английский язык, 9 класс
*Внимание! Во всех вопросах только один правильный ответ.
ФИО ученика ______________________________________
1. Найди ошибку.
A) keep – kept – kept
B) hit – hit – hit
C) shake – shake – shaken
D) slide – slid – slid
2. A game in which two teams of five players each try to score goals by throwing a large ball
through a net fixed to a metal ring at each end of the court. The players bounce a ball while
running and pass it to each other.
A) badminton
B) rugby
C) football
D) basketball
3. Определи тему, к которой относится данный ряд слов.
oak, beech, lime, alder
A) insects
B) trees
C) flowers
D) animals
4. Определи ряд, в котором не все слова относятся к одной теме.
A) ticket, box-office, audience, spectator
B) cotton, wool, silk, fencing
C) mirror, door lock, sofa, switch
D) thumb, palm, toe, nail
5. If Doris … on time, she … here at about three o’clock.
A) arrives, will come
B) will arrive, comes
C) will arrive, will come
D) arrives, comes
6. Look at the timetable. Our boat … at 6.15.
A)is sailing
B) sails
C) will sail
B) sailing
7. The family visited a number of nice places … the summer.
A) to
B) for
C) during
D) at
8. Most of the time he just picks … his food.
A) out
B) at
C) with
D) up
9. Modern or relating to the present time.
A) contemporary
B) efficient
C) rapid
D) beneficial
10. Найди ошибку.
A) phenomenon – phenomena
B) datum – data
C) cactus – cacti
D) criterion – criterium
11. В каком ряду слова не являются антонимами.
A) knowledge – ignorance
B) public – private
C) sharp – blunt
D) helpful – useful
12. В какой части предложения допущена ошибка.
I am busy to my translation from Russian into English.
A) I am busy
B) to my translation
C) from Russian
D) into English
13. Найди ошибку.
A) a historical monument
B) a historic information
C) a historic place
D) a history lesson
14. Countries that make an agreement with another country to help each other, especially in
A) hostilities
B) casualties
C) troops
D) allies
15. Переведи пословицу на английский.
Волка ноги кормят.
A) What man has done man can do.
B) Don’t set the fox to keep your geese.
C) The dog that trots about finds a bone.
D) Through hardship to the stars.
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