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Name-Surname__________________________ Class: ________ Number:
Hi. My name is Jeremy. I live in Barcelona, in Spain. I
am twelve years old. I like listening to music and playing
football. I can play the guitar and I can run very fast. My
favorite friend is Kevin. He is twelve years old too but he
doesn’t like listening music or playing football. He likes playing tennis
and writing. He can play tennis very well and he can write short
Also, I have got a sister. Her name is Brenda. She is good at
swimming. She can swim very well and she can also dance very well. I
play the guitar and she dances at home. We have an enjoyable time.
A. Answer the questions according to the text.
1. What does Jeremy like?
2. What can Jeremy do?
3. Can Kevin write short stories?
4. Does Kevin like listening to music?
5. What can Brenda do?
6. Can Brenda dance?
B. Write Yes or No .
Jeremy likes swimming.
Kevin likes playing football.
Kevin can write short stories.
Brenda can swim very well.
Jeremy can play tennis.
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