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Give your students a strategic edge
Participant’s outcomes
Effective, appropriate
Discussion question for pairs: What are the challenges that you student confidence; different
educational background; face-common issues.
Getting our students’ engagement
Interrupting in reading usually. And they should learn how to read with engagement.
We have to give them language in order to read and write. When we teach Shakespeare, we teach
students literacy.
Students start talking when they just looking.
National Geographic Content: Language, Social context, Geography. It has photos
How many of you have to prepare your students of Science, civic education?
No single question
Lady Gaga who is she Did she create herself? Engage your students into the conversation
Two quotes and then to discuss where is Find-discover., and where create? We connect intellectually
language with topics that w develop.
“Think-pair, share” is the strategy that teachers have to use at the classroom. Stand before the class and
present the info.
Discussion about the pictures of the crabs (p.172). How are you going to be agree and disagree. What is
respectfully listen another position? Give students opportunities to talk and discus. This is a learning
another language.
“Now its’ your turn to “Take a stand”! two sides of the students , they discuss different position.
Cultural perspectives: High school culture, cooperative culture.
Debriefing: what was the most difficult part of the process? Why? They are shy and they are not sure.
It’s diff. to learn that smb. agree and disagree.
Build vocabulary. Students communicate differently and have different pronunciation. But we have to
support them to go and pass the test. What is the purpose for writing? Must be communicated and
published. Shared with another classroom or school library. Not just marked and put it in the envelope.
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