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Algebra 2 – V13
Module 1 Checklist
Below is a checklist of everything you will need in Module 1, along with any resources we
 Complete the Greeting call & Welcome Call (with student and parent) to get activated
 Create your pace chart and email to instructor
How to Video:
 Commitment should be approximately 4 assignments weekly, each Module should
take no longer than about 3 weeks.
 Complete the following Lessons:
(Resources & Help Videos available for lessons at:
1.00 Introduction and Pretest
1.01 Algebra 1 Review
1.02 Introduction to Functions
1.03 Module 1 Quiz
o Template to use:
1.04 Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities
1.05 Writing the Equation of a Line
o There is a Live Lesson Opportunity for this:
o Template to use if not going to live lesson:
1.06 Comparing Functions
1.07 Module 1 Practice Test
1.08 Discussion Based Assessment
o You must plan this ahead and complete this in a timely manner
1.09 Module 1 Test
Please print this out, and we will see you in Module 2!
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