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welcome to urumqi
about ef urumqi
Established in 2004, EF Urumqi’s administration is composed of twenty
foreign teachers, ten local teachers, and thirty support staff. EF Urumqi
offers a selection of courses for all age groups. We pride ourselves on
offering a professional, supportive, and friendly service to our customers
and students.
the city
With the surrounding deserts and mountains, the huge open-air bazaar,
and the cultural traditions of its thirteen indigenous nationalities, Urumqi is a
truly exotic location far removed from the average person’s everyday experiences. This rapidly expanding city is still your best choice for cultural exploration in Western China along the ancient Silk Road. You wouldn’t want to
miss the opportunity to live in not only the largest city in the western half of
China but also the most remote city from any sea in the world according to
the Guinness Book of World Records.
places around town
A traditional Islamic market area, The Big Bazaar is an incredibly lively
place at night. If you visit at sunset, you can even see tightrope walkers.
Located right next to Da Bazar, the Silk Road Museum has more than
80,000 items of cultural and historic heritage. Reflecting the history of the
Silk Road, the museum includes treasured documents, pottery, textiles,
clay figures, and silk paintings.
A great place to meet foreigners and locals alike, Fubar is a western
owned restaurant in the center of the city. The bar serves imported beers,
pizza, fish & chips, and much more. With a pool table, foosball table, and
darts, this lighthearted destination is a great place for a newcomer to
make good friends.
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