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The women’s conference this past weekend was AMAZING! The worship, the stories of the speakers, the fellowship, all of it was filled with the presence of Jesus and was so real. I especially loved listening to Steph Lee tell about how Jesus pursued her, and how she became completely HIs. It was so cool and moving and passionate and I just can’t say enough about it!! I hope everyone else who went walked away with a heart as full as mine was!! KATHERINE PAINE
My experience at the "His" women's conference was incredible. It was a time where women, young and old, came to together and worshipped The Lord. Steph lee showed me the importance of prayer and to never give up praying over something. She was so genuine and everyone could relate to her and some way. The Lord was definitely at work this past weekend. I can't wait for next year!!! ASHLEY GUNNELS
I loved how personable Steph and Ashley were, and how intimate they made the weekend feel. They really related to me well, and Ashley’s testimony especially encouraged me to strive heard after my relationship with Jesus. Just because someone doesn’t have a crisis in their life and a falling away from their walk doesn’t mean their testimony can’t be impactful. Contrary to my prior belief, the person who has always strived after Jesus has a beautiful testimony and is extremely encouraging. SYDNEY STOLZ
I loved getting to connect with women of all ages. The most impactful part for me was the prayer team. KATIE IMPERIAL
This past weekend was incredible! Steph Lee’s message was really real and impactul, and it was cool to see how Jesus’ love just poured out of her and Ashley and the worship team! All in all, “HIS” was an exciting and refreshing event that I am SO glad I was able to experience! ANNA BEARD
I felt so overwhelmed by the Spirit this weekend! God was surely working in that gym! 
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