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Promoting skills across the world
Established 1950
61 Members
Skills competitions
and events
 Skills standards and
 Established 2011
 Partnership-driven
 Promote and develop
skills through projects
 Address also non WSI
member countries
Modelling Vocation Excellence
The first research study of WorldSkills Foundation
Free to download at:
“Do competitions make a difference?”
413 Competitors,
165 Experts…
…gave us insight into their:
 experience
 motivation
 self-perceptions
“WorldSkills Competitions raise quality,
promote professional development
and drive improvements
in vocational training.”
Learning for life
WorldSkills is…
 …. inspiration from the best
 …. ways to evaluate high standards
 .… building global connections
“We learn teamwork & communication.”
“We learn what training gets results.”
“We establish networks and friendships.”
“We perform at the top rank of our professions.”
Pathway to Professional Identity
WorldSkills is…
 …. peer respect and support
 …. advancing careers and opening doors
 .… fulfilling and broadening horizons
“You can open your mind to new work options.”
“I have improved 200% since I started this journey.”
“The experience is both professional and personal.”
“We learn about other cultures and skill areas.”
Leaders in the making
WorldSkills is…
 …. high-level planning and technical expertise
 …. national and international perspectives
 .… a continually expanding pool of talent
“It’s great to see competitors develop their profession.”
“Those who know more learn how to teach others.”
“My doorway to an excellent future has been opened.”
“I can see myself doing bigger and better things.”
Strengthening National Training Systems
WorldSkills is…
 …. a global knowledge hub
 …. a platform for accomplished teachers and mentors
 .… many opportunities for collaboration
“Being here we can exchange knowledge and ideas.”
“We are all friends, from many countries and careers.”
“Valuable relationships are formed with other Experts.”
“It brings together industry, education and government.”
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