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Faith Chapel Christian Center
College Scholarship Process
Presented by
Dr. Ty Farmer, FCCC Scholarship Coordinator
Eligibility Requirements
• Graduating High School Senior
• Official Member of Faith Chapel Christian Center
• Complete Application (Deadline: Sunday March 15, 2015)
PART I (submitted online)
- Applicant Info & Academic Profile
- Essay (500-700 words)
PART II (hard-copy submission)
- Proof of college acceptance
- Official High School Transcript including Counselor’s Report
- 2 letters of recommendation/reference forms
The Application: Part I
*Must be fully completed online at
A.) Applicant Info/ Academic Profile
B.) Essay
****Certification Statement****
The Application: Part I
The Essay
Topic: What is your vision for your future? Comment on the
spiritual guidance you have received in formulating this vision.
How will your vision impact your life and the lives of those around
• Essay judging criteria: proper grammar, sentence
structure, usage mechanics, clear purpose, flow, unity,
overall content and emphasis, subject matter and
• Spiritual Expression Essay Awards
The Application: Part I
The Essay
• Download the Scholarship Essay Form online
• Write, edit, and save your essay. Copy/paste the
essay from this form into the online form field.
• Minimum 500 words, Max 700 words
• Essay Title
Certification Statement Summary
• Graduating high school senior beginning college in Summer or Fall
• Already received or will receive RHOF by 1 month post-application
• Have provided accurate and honest information in all sections of this
application including the essay which is your own original work
• Understand and acknowledge that, in order to maintain the integrity of
the scholarship process, the Scholarship Committee has the right to
evaluate the validity and source of any and all information contained in
both Part I and Part II of your application
The Application: Part II
* All components must be placed in an envelope and turned in at
The Bridge front desk in the labeled Scholarship box
A.) Proof of college acceptance
B.) Official Transcript including Counselor’s Report
C.) Two (2) recommendation letters/reference forms
The Application: Part II
Proof of College Acceptance
• Copy of Acceptance/Admissions Letter
*Special circumstance: In cases where the applicant has not received
a college acceptance letter by the scholarship deadline date (March
15, 2015), proof of college submission can TEMPORARILY be used in
lieu. However, proof of acceptance must be received by 1 month postapplication deadline or application will be disqualified.
The Application: Part II
The Counselor’s Report/Official Transcript
• Write your name in the blank on the Report
• Completed and signed by the Counselor
• Included in the signed sealed envelope containing your
official transcript and returned to you
The Application: Part II
2 Recommendation Letters
• Complete the Applicant Section of the form(s)
• Reference completes the Recommender Section and
attaches a letter of recommendation
• Must be returned to you in a signed sealed envelope
Name the components of Part I
and Part II of the Scholarship
FCCC-Sponsored Scholarships
 Academic Merit Scholarship
 Excellence in Athletics & Fine Arts Scholarship
 Lawson State Community College Pastor’s Scholarship
 Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship
 Mary Moore Memorial Scholarship
 Promani Legacy Scholarship
Academic Merit Scholarship
• Recipients demonstrate outstanding scholastic aptitude.
They also display noteworthy leadership capabilities
and/or commitment of service.
• Specific Requirements
– Minimum GPA: 3.5 (weighted)
– Minimum Composite ACT: 20
– 2 Recommendation letters from Teachers or Counselor
Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship
• Recipients demonstrate academic potential and
outstanding leadership qualities in civic, school, and/or
church activities.
• Specific Requirements
– Minimum GPA: 2.5 (weighted)
– 2 Recommendation letters from Leaders/Supervisors
Excellence in Athletics and Fine Arts
• Recipients demonstrate academic potential and outstanding
commitment to sports and/or fine arts activities
• Specific Requirements
– Minimum GPA: 2.5 (weighted)
– 1 Recommendation letter from a Coach or Athletic/Fine
Arts Director
– 1 Recommendation letter from a Teacher or Counselor
– 2 years high school participation in sport or fine arts activity
Mary Moore Memorial Scholarship
• Recipients are Teen Vision Partners at FCCC who demonstrate
academic potential and outstanding commitment to Kingdom
• Specific Requirements
– Minimum GPA: 2.5 (weighted)
– At least 15 hours service at FCCC
– 1 Recommendation letter from Supervisor of volunteer
activities at Faith Chapel
– 1 Recommendation letter from a Teacher or Counselor
Lawson State Community College Pastoral
• Recipients demonstrate remarkable academic aptitude
and commitment to service
• Specific Requirements
– Minimum GPA: 3.0 (weighted)
– Letter of acceptance from Lawson State
– 1 Recommendation letter from Leader/Supervisor
– 1 Recommendation letter from a Teacher or Counselor
Promani Legacy Scholarship
• Will be awarded to recipient who demonstrates academic
potential and financial need
• Specific Requirements
– Minimum GPA: 2.5 (weighted)
– Must plan to work at least 20hrs/week in college
– 2 Recommendation letters from Teachers or Counselor
Name the 6 FCCC scholarships
and state the GPA requirement
for each scholarship.
Scholarship Key Dates
• 3/15/15
Complete Scholarship Application due
• 3/25/15
Email notification of incomplete application
• 4/15/15
Deadline for RHOF requirement and special
circumstance college acceptance letter
• June 2015
FCCC Graduation Celebration!!!!
Contact Info
For specific questions about the scholarship process contact
Mrs. Kathleen Rodgers at 785-9673 ext. 10053
([email protected])
For specific questions about your application, please contact
FCCC Student Resources ([email protected])
**Please reference this presentation, the application instructions,
and FAQ sheet FIRST!!!
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