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0 Warm-up
0 What’s the Big Picture?
0 Volunteer Roles & Tasks
0 Skills, Knowledge, and Attitudes
0 Supporting the Use of Volunteers
0 Reflection
Draw Me a Picture
What does digital literacy look like in
your ABE program?
0 2002?
0 2012?
0 2022?
What is Digital Literacy?
0 Computer Literacy: the knowledge and
ability to use computers and related
technology efficiently
0 Digital Literacy: the ability to effectively and
critically navigate, evaluate and create
information using a range of digital
0 Definitions from
Digital Literacy:
Beyond basic computer use to:
producing and critically consuming
information; communicating;
engaging with media
Controlling the
Using common
Why teach Digital Literacy?
0 Job skill
0 Life skill
0 In 21st Century America, if you are not
engaging with digital media, you are not a full
participant in our society.
ABE Instruction is Changing
0 Implementation of the Northstar Digital
Literacy Standards & Assessments
0 GED 2014 = computerized test
Optimizing Technology
Keep it SAFE for adult learners:
0 Seamless
0 Appropriate
0 Facilitated
0 Empowering
Dillon-Marable, E. and Valentine, T. (2006), “Optimizing Computer
Technology Integration,” Adult Basic Education, 16(2), 99-117.
What does this mean for us?
0 ABE volunteers will see more frequent
and diverse use of computers and
other digital devices in the classroom.
0 ABE volunteers will be needed to
support adult learners as they develop
digital literacy skills.
What does digital literacy
instruction look like?
0 Direct instruction
0 Exploratory learning
0 Project-based learning
Direct Instruction
0 We
0 You
A Sample Lesson
Google Image Search
Volunteer Roles & Tasks
0 “I” stage:
0 Keep learners focused on the teacher
0 “We” stage:
0 Review directions
0 Reinforce vocabulary
0 “You” stage:
0 Coach learners
0 Help troubleshoot
Helping a Learner
0What NOT to do: a demonstration
0What’s better?
Skills, Knowledge, Attitudes
0 Skills
0 Digital literacy!
0 Coaching skills
0 Knowledge
0 Purpose of lesson / lesson objectives
0 Common errors
0 Effective strategies
0 Attitudes
0 “Helping” ≠ Doing it for them or giving the answer.
0 “Helping” = Guiding learners to find the answer for
Encouraging the Use of
0 We can:
Supporting Volunteers
0 We can:
0 What is your #1 take-away from this session?
0 What is one question or concern you have
about using volunteers to support digital
literacy instruction?
0 What’s your next step? (Something you can
do before Dec. 31)
Thank You!
0 Rob Podlasek:
[email protected]
0 Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt:
[email protected]
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