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South policy Morocco
City of Antwerp
VLIR-UOS Séminaire Maroc
1) South policy: why?
 Specific Antwerp context
o + 160 nationalities or origins
o Institutions with specific expertise (ITM, AUHA)
o ↗ solidarity (4th pillar or particular initiatives)
o Diaspora: from familiar solidarity -> project work
in countries of origin
 Sustainable South Policy with countries of origin with
involvement of migrant communities
 Strengthening social cohesion in Antwerpen
2) South policy: how?
 Active network: diaspora associations and institutions with
specific expertise  cooperation and exchange
 Stimulate and elaborate common, qualitative and demandoriented development projects
 Role of development cooperation service: matchmaker, coach
and donor
 Sensitization of our South policy to Antwerp population and
target groups.
Geographical en thematical approach
 3 countries: Morocco, Ghana en Congo
 2 subjects: health care and education
Projects: Region Oriental (Oujda, Nador, Berkane)
Farmers’ cooperatives= core
Training of the members (management)
Material support
Start or development of microfinancing/credit
Business expert visits
 Partners: 5 Antwerp-Moroccan diaspora organizations and
partner cooperatives, local governments & Ormvam,
PUM/Exchange, AUHA (with specific expertise)
 Future/challenges:
 Strengthen market access of cooperatives’ products
 Academic expert visits/exchanges: professionalization
 Involvement of local government through socio-economic
development strategy/plan
 Traineeships student-teachers
 Exchanges of lectors-teachers
 Schooltwinnings
 Partners: AUHA, Education department city of Antwerp,
Antwerp-Moroccan diaspora organizations, AREF
 Future/challenges:
 Strengthen schooltwinnings and traineeships
 Agreement with action plan on specific topics in
alignment with reform and with external fin. means
 Capacity building and exchange on involvement of
parents, early childhood development, teacher
Health care
Health care = nursing and maternity
Traineeships nurses and midwifes
Exchanges lectors-teachers and multidisciplinary training week
Curriculum development
Basic medical training towards villagers
 Partners: AUHA (KdG), Antwerp-Moroccan diaspora
organizations, IFCS Oujda
 Future/challenges:
 Involvement medical department universities
Social sciences
 Exchanges of experts-lectors social sciences universities
Antwerp - UMP Sociologie
 Traineeships students social sciences-social work
 Partners: AUHA (coördination IMaMS), UMP Oujda
 Future/challenges:
 Integration social sciences in economic department UMP
 Linking student traineeships social work-orthopedagogy
with projects diaspora organizations in rural areas
 Monitoring
 Project groups and networks = selfregulating
 Monitoring and evaluation through cooperation agreements with partners
 Advice group of experts
 Evaluation
 In Morocco
 Field visits by (external) partners
 In Antwerpen f.e. = report CeMIS on diaspora and development
cooperation in Antwerpen.
Profile and motivation
Impact on integration
Cooperation with partners
More info?
Katrien Leemen or Daan Sanders
development cooperation service
City of Antwerpen
03 338 65 13
[email protected]
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